Bar Build 042: Bench Build Day One

Today my father in law came all the way up from Long Island to assist me in the next phase of the Great Bar Build of 2011.  He told me that he will arrive in the morning and he was not kidding, because he arrived at 8:30am. I totally expected him to leave  Long Island at 9am,  but instead he arrived at 9am. Sweet!
We measured, then measured some more, put some blue tape down, measured even more, did some math, did some more math and finally came up with a list of lumber needed.

Dad laying out the umm...layout.

While he got the tools and saws ready, I headed to Seekamp Lumber. My loyal readers will remember that I swore of Seekamp Lumber. Click here to find out why.  But, I was pressed for time and I figured to give them another chance because that is how I roll and damn, it feels good to be a gangsta. 
Seekamp Lumber was a pleasure today. The guy behind the counter was friendly and helpful. Much more betterer this time around. I plunked down my money, threw the lumber in the back of Joey’s truck (thanks Joey!) and headed back home.
Dad got to work on the wall seperating the bench from the hot pellet stove. I think it would kinda suck if my drunk guests roll off the bench and into the stove, I hear 3rd degree burns put a damper on any party.

Wall and first bench support completed


More supports completed.


First level completed. View from the entrance.


View from the corner of the room


So day one we got the wall and the bottom layer of the “boxes” done. What is next?  Plywood goes down over these 2x4s that are on the the floor that hangs over by 2″ followed by another layer of the  same boxes followed by another layer of plywood. That last layer of plywood is the part the foam and upholstery go on. Confused? Stay tuned, more pics progress to follow.


3 Comments on “Bar Build 042: Bench Build Day One”

  1. chris says:

    isn’t it the Great Bar Build 2008-2011 ????


A good bartender always listens....

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