Jeep Update

Sorry about my frustration-infused rant the other day. I was just mad at Fed Ex and their lying website.


We got the backseat in the mail yesterday!

New bar booth?

 Also as a bonus we got our stickers in the mail too!

Official Hummer Recovery Vehicle

We put those on right away. Ok, truth be told Laurie put them on because if I put them on, the stickers would be crooked.

A close up view:

Now, on to the bad news. It seems as if the Jeep and car wash had a disagreement. One thing led to another and the Jeep was left without windshield wipers that work. The car wash ripped them right off the motor! Awesome.

Joey to the rescue! Normally, I would have waited and brought the car to his shop, but with the impending ice storm, I wanted the wipers fixed so Laurie can drive it to work  in the morning. Thanks Joe!!

Joey folded the windshield down for safety. He hate seatbelts and wants nothing in his way as he flies through the air

Joey folded the windshield down to gain access to the wiper motor. The whatzimuzit got disconnected from the thingamajig and needed to be replaced.

Can your car fold its windshield down?

The wiper assembly is located inside the windshield and actually very easy to get to. It only took like half an hour to fix.

Here are a couple of pictures of Laurie leaving for work after the ice storm last night:

Backing out of the garage..


Have a good day at work!


5 Comments on “Jeep Update”

  1. ChopperPapa says:

    You are so hardcore dude! Nice jeep!


  2. Very cool Jeep. No pun intended. 😀

    Did you know we had a snow day down here, in SOUTH TEXAS??? By y’all’s standards, it was NOTHING, but everything got shut down, and I went insane with the kids here.


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