New Jeep!

After years of saying:” We need a four-wheel drive vehicle” and years of calling out when there is 1″ of snow on the road, we went and bought ourselves another Jeep. Some of my long term readers (Hi Mom!) will remember our old Wrangler.  CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT OUR OLD JEEP

We lasted two winters without 4WD and we can not take it any longer! So…we went out and bought this:

Now, we can’t wait for it to snow!


8 Comments on “New Jeep!”

  1. ChopperPapa says:

    BEAUTIFUL! I want the 4-door Wrangler so bad I can’t stand it! But the 4-door Tacoma is working just fine, excepts it sucks on snow and ice but oh well, I live in Ga and we get it about once every 44 years.


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      The 4 door is nice and Laurie wants one in a couple of years. But for now, this ’93 YJ will have to do. I think the amount of snow you get in Georgia, the Tacoma is just fine! Put some sandbags over the wheel wells and you will be a- ok. Always remember that you can speed up and turn very well with 4wd…it is the stopping that is the same as 2WD! Hit those brakes and you just slide…so just slooooooow down. 🙂


  2. Jeanmarie says:

    Cool! Love it!!! So when are you 4 Wheeling in the mud with the top off??!?! 🙂


  3. Ooooh…me likey!!

    All you need know is a winter ghillie suit and you are SET!! 😀


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