Mountain Meeting

Of course with some bar progress completed one has to celebrate. It is very easy to get a party  Mountain Meeting going. All it takes is just one text that reads: “Mountain Meeting Friday night 7pm” sent out to everyone living on the mountain, and people will come. 



“What the hell is a Mountain Meeting?”



Good Question Capt. Obvious. See, we all live on the same Mountain, and help each other whenver one of us needs help..does not matter what it is or what time it is,  one or two phone calls and help is on the way.  At the meetings we talk about trials and tribulations of living on a mountain.

I also belong to the math club, uh, the Latin, and the physics club… physics club. Well, in physics we… we talk about physics, properties of physics. So it’s sorta social, demented and sad, but social.

Onto pictures of the Mountain Meeting!

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6 Comments on “Mountain Meeting”

  1. Y’all always have such a grand time. When you move to Texas, you need to bring the bar with you. 😉


  2. ChopperPapa says:

    You need some southern blood into those parties….that’s a hint if I’m a bit too obscure..;-)


  3. Sparky Mark says:

    Bunch of hillbillies!


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