Bar Build 040: Install of Keyboard, Speaker Selector and Tile

Ok, so the keyboard drawer and the speaker selector came in the mail on Friday! I threw my coat off and immediately got to work. Luckily, this time I remembered to take Before pics…yet forgot how to spell remembered.

First, the keyboard. Here is the before pic:

Make shift Keyboard

As you can see, the make-shift keyboard I slapped up there looks like, well…a makeshift keyboard someone slapped up there. It was put there for the jukebox because when I first transferred everything over, I was using the keyboard alot. Now that the keyboard has been downgraded to occasional use, here is what the new keyboard drawer looks open:

And here is what it looks like closed:

A little nicer, neater look. The keyboard will hardly get used…but will be nice to just be able to pull the drawer out and type in a search for that funny You Tube video we all want to check out while drinking. Or search for porn, ya know whatever.

So, the keyboard is in place, now onto the speaker selector.

What a difference this thingy makes. If anyone reading this knows why the speaker selctor makes everything sound so much cleaner, please let me know. Right now I am convinced it is little speaker gnomes with magical powers.

A speaker- Gnome home?

In the pic above, the speaker selector is above the xbox. The company that makes that custom X-box shelf, also makes one for the speaker selector. So, now I am just waiting for it to come in the mail. It will be a nice clean uniform look. But for now, it looks like a hole in the wall. Oh well.

Here is what it looks like from inside the media closet:

One ring to rule them all...

The wires all the way on the left are the wires from the amplifier. Just one Left and one Right. The unit takes that power and distrubutes evenly to six pairs. You can see my speakers coming from the wall (Gold bannana clips) to the unit.

The speaker selector came with pre-printed labels, and I was happy “BAR”, “DECK” and “GARAGE” were among them.



I was looking over the pre printed labels sheet and saw this littly diddy:

Easy listening music down in the Dungeon

Yup, in case you want your Dungeon to have smooth sounds of the 70s. I love this company. Any company that thought about including Dungeon as a label is a company I want to work for.

What else..?


The tile!

Before Pic..while I was laying the tile out:

One step right.....MARCH! (or left from stove's point of view)

Why am I putting tile down? Well,  see the pellet stove a burnin’ in the picture above? That pellet stove is moving 4 feet to the right onto the black granite tiles. I am making room for the booth and wrap around bench that is going to be built and the stove is in the way.

and a few hours later:

Granite tile down.

Tomorrow, I will be grouting the tile using black grout.  

A few steps closer to being done!


3 Comments on “Bar Build 040: Install of Keyboard, Speaker Selector and Tile”

  1. Woody says:


    I have a wireless keyboard I use in my home theater for music library searches and YouTube videos. Always a crowd pleaser to pull up the latest viral clips on a 100″ screen.


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      Nice..A wireless keyboard is awesome for your gameroom! I just went with the drawer because I figure the keyboard is more for me when adding songs to the jukebox.


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