Bar Build 039: Wood Floor,Speaker Selector, Tile, Keyboard

Not a whole lot of building going on, just alot of ordering and buying.

What did we buy?

  • Wood Floor

We went with Vintner’s Reserve Wood Floor It is tough enough for a bar, has the “old time worn” look, and has a pad on the bottom making it perfect for installing on a concrete floor.

  • Speaker Selector

We decided on the Niles Speaker Selector. Currently, my reciever is driving 4 pairs of speakers. The mains are kinda big and the smaller ceiling and outdoor speakers have trouble keeping up and sometimes vibrate. This way, this reciever is tricked into thinking it is driving only one pair. Plus, I can control the volume of each pair seperately to make everything sound much smoother and much more betterer.

  • Keyboard in a Drawer


The keyboard in a drawer is for the Juke Box. I chose a keyboard that can be “rack mounted” from the front. That way, I can build it into the wall and have a nice clean look. Right now, I have a crappy old saw dust covered keyboard on a makeshift shelf. I put it there because when first getting the jukebox going I was adding song titles, tags, and needed the keyboard all the time. Now, I hardly use the keyboard so tucked in a drawer it goes for the few times I will be using it.

  • Tile

We ordered tile last night from the tile store. That was a stupid sentence, and I apologize for that. What else would you order from the tile store? Pressing on…For what you ask? Well, I shall tell you. I am moving my Pellet stove over to the right 4 feet and do not want to use the pre- made tile pad it is currently sitting on. I want the platform tile for the stove and the wood floor to be flush. Even steven. On an even keel. On equal footing. On equal ground. You get it, I will shut up now.

What else? There is something…OH!

Have an appointment for Contractor#2 for Operation French Door install. Contractor #1 wanted to charge me 2500. A few people in the know told me that is a good price considering he has to cut into the foundation of the house, re-do the trim, some electrical work, blah blah blah. I just want to get a second price. I have warm and fuzzy feelings about contractor #2 as he will be the one doing the work himself, and he installed our French Door upstairs. Contractor #1 was going to have “his guy” do it. Me no like that.

Ok guys, thanks for reading. Sorry no pics, but as stuff comes in from Amazon, I will take pics and especially remember to take “Before” pics. I am hoping the tile will be coming in tomorrow so I can tackle that this weekend.


2 Comments on “Bar Build 039: Wood Floor,Speaker Selector, Tile, Keyboard”

  1. ChopperPapa says:

    I’ve got a 4 channel, whole house audio and I’ll never part with it. I love having music in every room of my house as evidence my by last post…check it out if you like OLD tunes.

    So, when’s the house party?


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      I am thinking of July 2nd. So, save the date!….Children welcome, and there will be fireworks. All depends on the bar build progress.


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