Christmas 2010

After work on Christmas Eve, I drove out to Long Island to meet up with Laurie and Madaghan. The journey out from Manhattan was a stark reminder as to why we no longer live on Long Island because the traffic was just ridiculous, it took 3 hours to go 30 miles. How people do this everyday is beyond my understanding.

Merry Christmas! Wish I not here.

This year, we slept over at my mother’s house. Madaghan was extremely worried  that Santa would not know where she is staying for the night, but we assured her that Santa knows where to drop the gifts off. We drove around the neighborhood looking at all the different lawn decorations and displays people have put up. If I lived next door to one of these people that have way to much time on their hands, it would look something like this:


I am just jealous these families have the time to put together these elaborate displays. I imagine that when I retire, my house is going to be one of the houses people pull over to look at, it’ll be elaborate and repulsive all at the same time. It’ll be so bright that my neighbors will think there is a full moon every night in December.

How many plastic displays can you have?

There is always room for one more.


Christmas morning, Madaghan woke me up exclaiming:” Santa came! Santa came!’. A quick glance under the tree reveled Santa had indeed remembered Madaghan was staying the night at Grammie Pammie’s. In that same quick glance, Mommy also discovered Santa forgot some presents in the car because sometimes Santa does not really pay attention and kinda half listens when Mommy speaks. Luckily, Madaghan is easily distracted while Santa goes out to the car to retrieve said presents in the “I- told- you- they- are-in- the- cardboard- box” box. Whoops. None the wiser, Madaghan found a pile of presents that Santa hid on the side of the tree because they was just not enough room under the tree. Crisis averted..this time.

Madaghan helped sort the presents out, making piles in front of each person. Then, we opened the presents in age order. I know some people open with reckless abandon and that works for some families. But, I feel that so much time and effort is put into Christmas shopping, wrapping, packing the car, transporting, unpacking the car, that at least you get to see the person open the gift you spent a lot of time and effort on. And, other people get to see what  you got and snap a picture or two. The chaotic way does not lend itself to picture taking, you do not get to see the recipient open the gift you bought them and it is too much to take in and gives me a damn headache. Plus, what is the rush? Why not enjoy it? Did we enter the Quickest Present Opener competition and I am just not aware of it? That is just my opinion on Christmas gift opening. Your results may vary.

Here are some pictures from the round robin Christmas gift opening.

Warming their hands by the glow of pixels.

Hope Aunt Diane likes her jacket!

Grammie Pammie and Maddie inspect the gifts

Great Grandma and Rob taken it all in

The next day at Mi-Ma’s and Pop Pop (Laurie’s Mom and Dad) we had everyone over for a shortened gift exchange. Dave, T, and their little Ryan (same peeps we went to Disney with) came over in the morning. They were supposed to come over in the afternoon, but with the impending storm coming we changed plans and they came by in the morning to grab their loot and bolt outta there.

Cousin Love...ok for just a few more years.


Maddie opening...something.

Maddie's loot.


Too much excitement for Dad Curtin.


Later that same day, Mother Nature decided to dump some snow on Long Island. 20” or more in some parts, and left us stranded at Laurie’s parents house. Luckily, I had the day off already but Laurie had to call out. I helped clear some driveways in the neighborhood with my father in law’s snow-blower while Laurie gathered our belongings and staged them by the back door.

Here is a pic or two of the the white shit:

Jetta is buried

Dad Curtin clearing the neighborhood

Snowdrift against the door is the same height as Maddie!..we could not open that door!

How people shoveling do you count?

We got home about 3pm Monday afternoon to a half-cleared driveway, which is better then a no-cleared drive way. At least we were able to pull in and make it to the garage. I later learned that Doug tried to plow my driveway but because of all the stone it is difficult without plowing all the stone up. Doug did receive and “E” for effort, or rather a “B” for beer, because well, Beer is better then Effort.

I walked across the street to retrieve the Big Mean Orange Machine (BMOM) that Doug borrowed to do his driveway. I specifically asked him to keep the BMOM over at his house so he can plow himself out and as an added bonus, his house is well off the road so the BMOM stays hidden away from wondering eyes.Where was I? Oh, I was walking over to Doug’s to get the BMOM. I hopped on, turned the key and started driving. Somewhere on Doug’s driveway, the front wheel fell off. Just decided to quit. The wheel said “Screw, it…I’m out, I’m done” Luckily I walked back and found all the lug nuts and screwed them back on. Believe it or not, this has happened to me once before. I guess sometimes the lug nut union goes on strike and the tires suffer for it. But, all is well they be back on.

So, it was a fun Christmas. Long Island would be so much better if it weren’t for the over population and the traffic. If they would hurry up and invent the Star Trek transporters, Long Island would be awesome.  Next year, I think we are staying at Laurie’s parents house for Christmas Eve so I hope that transporter gets invented by then.


3 Comments on “Christmas 2010”

  1. Maddie is a lucky girl with so many grandparents etc..Too bad her dad is such a Ditto Head. 🙂 Love the city pics. Makes me appreciate the wide open spaces of our farm even though the drifts sometimes immobilize us as well


  2. ChopperPapa says:

    There is 2 reasons in this blog why I don’t live up north. One, the traffic. 3 hours for 30 miles. WHOA!… Two, snow… yeah you can keep that.

    Looks like the O’Shea family had a wonderful holiday.

    Happy New Year bro!


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