Madaghan’s 5th Birthday Celebration Episode 3: The Great Wolf Lodge

This is the last and final Episode, I promise. Since we decided on not having a children’s party this year, we took Madaghan on a secret adventure. We kept our destination a secret and it drove her nuts, and in turn, drove us nuts.  She was shocked to learn we were headed to an indoor water park!

Great Wolf Lodge  located in Pocono Mountains, PA was only about an hour and a half away. Madaghan was sooo excited when she saw the indoor water park. They also have an arcade, restaurant, craft place for kids, Starbucks, kid’s spa, and a nice computer room for the teenage kids. You really do get alot for your money.

Ok, enough with the sales-pitch, one would think I work for the place…on with the show!

So instead of my usual method of posting pictures with wise ass cracks at the bottom, I am going to try posting a movie instead…hope this works:


10 Comments on “Madaghan’s 5th Birthday Celebration Episode 3: The Great Wolf Lodge”

  1. Eugene says:

    INDOOR WATER!! PARK EPIC WIN by superdad! lol


  2. Jason says:

    That is a fantastic idea, really like it.


  3. ChopperPapa says:

    You do realize that the bar has been set so high now, that you’ll have to buy her pony next year…

    Oh, and Diana Krall is smokin hot! Just sayin!

    Nice work dad!


  4. dadshouse says:

    How fun! Okay, comments: I took my kids to a hotel with an indoor pool and slide. (Nothing like this water park – that looks awesome!) There was a colleg girls’ volleyball team at the pool. Every time I went down the slide, I had FUN – meaning, I screamed like a little girl. The college girls thought I was nuts. My kids disowned me. Ha!

    And… if this is 5th birthday episode 3, does that mean when she turns 32, she’ll actually only be 29? Or is the whole point that I’m not supposed to count 🙂

    Happy birthday to your little girl!!!!!


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      you are sooo not supposed to count. I just think it is funny how we told Maddie she would not have a party, and wound up 3 seperate parties.


  5. Jeanmarie says:

    great video. love the place —now I TOTALLY understand why she was so wiped out. waterpark + kids = wiped out, I know that equation, but didn’t know it was a waterpark to the nth degree!

    Love the music too. Who is singing it? Ella?

    Can’t wait to visit you guys.


  6. […] took Madaghan and little cousin Ryan(and his parents) to the Great Escape Lodge on Sunday. Click HERE to read all about that adventure. We figured the Great Wolf Lodge was awesome, so this place should […]


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