Madaghan’s 5th Birthday Celebration Episode 1

On Friday night we packed the car (again) and went on down to Long Island(again) to celebrate Madaghan’s birthday with her grandparents.  We kept it low key this year because we are throwing her a big shin dig in the summer in the new pool. So off to Long Island we go for an afternoon of 3 ft hero, cake, coffee, and alot of sugar.

Maddie is psyched to be wearing a pink ribbon


Chicken finger on the plate, whiskey in the glass. I kid....?


Maddie made it to 5 years without us putting her up for adoption. She 13 has left.


That is the biggest 5 ever!


The kids face off, top 10 answers are on the board..




Maddie learns early boys are annoying.


Tear through the paper!


Ryan reads a card to Maddie

Maddie got lots of presents and loved all the clothes she got!  She had a good time with her cousing Ryan, and the two got along just like  oil and water I mean umm…brother and sister .


11 Comments on “Madaghan’s 5th Birthday Celebration Episode 1”

  1. Maddie just reminded me of the importance of the classically beautiful birthday dress. Kudos to her mom !


  2. Eugene says:



  3. ChopperPapa says:

    If she’s like my daughter, those earrings will turn into requests for pearls, silver, and such in the near future.

    Mine better marry rich, that’s all I got to say.


  4. Me says:

    Great pictures. Looks like she had a blast. When can we see pictures from our party with Maddie


  5. Busy-Dad-E says:

    Happy 5th Birthday, Madaghan! Congrats and best wishes!


  6. Happy birthday to Madaghan!! And tell her I love the new ‘do 😉


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