Bar Build Update

Chief of Department Finance recetly approved funds for the completion of the bar! Whoo Hooo! I am kicking the Bar Build into high gear. Funds will be dispersed week of December 13th. Lots of work to be done:
  • Wood Floor
  • Move pellet stove over
  • stone on the walls
  • wrap around bench
  • install outswing patio doors

That is just a short list of stuff that needs to be done. On a concrete note, I had another concrete guy out and he told me that it would be a good idea to put a wood floor down. Whomever built my house did a crappy job on the concrete floor and the trowel marks might come through the acid stain. Ah, whatever…I wanted a wood floor anyway and that sounds like an acceptable excuse as any. So wood floor it is!

Going to be an exciting few months as work gets done around the joint. I want everything done in time for my big July 2nd Bash..all ya’all invited.

Pellet stove is scheduled to be moved January 3rd!

8 Comments on “Bar Build Update”

  1. ChopperPapa says:

    Right on bro!

    Chief of Department Finance — too funny!


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      She so totally is the Chief. I am so very bad with money, the minute it is in my hand it is gone. In fact, if it was up to me, we would have the bar done but no house.


  2. I want a new bar ! I have a new farm store does that count ? Guess I’ll just have to drink my Guiness in the barn like I usually do.


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      A new farm store does in fact, count. Just don’t drink your Guiness near a goat, they are sneaky creatures and will steal it if it goes unattended for too long.


  3. dadshouse says:

    Sounds fun! Be sure to use some serious tractor-like equipment to move the stove. Just because you can.


  4. Yeah, just make sure you are able to move the bar to Texas 😉


  5. Hanes says:

    Looking forward to seeing some build progress photos! Just don’t make the place so fancy that Laurie won’t allow you to party in it!


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      She is now involved in the process. Which eliminates the “man cave” moniker, but does allow it to be completed a heluva lot more quickly. I can deal without it being a so called man-cave….at least it will be done.


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