Our dog, Sierra, a male huskey with a female’s name turned 15 today. That is like 102 in human years. He is old, deaf, half blind, and I think his sence of smell is gone too. But, he keeps on kicking. He runs around the backyard like a lunatic, will play chase as usual, and his hips show little sign of giving up.

Laurie has had Sierra longer then she had me. To this day, she still continues to cook his food for him. She boils chopmeat then throws rice in and lets it all boil for a while. Absolutely disgusting and I suspect they served this shit to the prisoners in Shawshank.  Why does she cook for him? Well, when Sierra was a puppy, he was sick with some sort of stomach ailment and the vet told her to cook the chopmeat and rice conconction from hell until he gets better. Well, Sirra did get better, but refused to eat dog food. So much in fact that when Laurie took him back to the vet, the vet told her not to worry he will eat his dog food eventually. Eventually, Sierra’s ribs started to show and Laurie had to cook that chopmeat shit for the next 14 years. I swear that is the reason he is still spunky.

Happy Birthday ya old dog.



  1. Oh, this is a great tribute to a great and loving friend!! I have to admit, my heart melted when I saw the pic of Sierra and Madaghan, Then promptly lost it all over the screen when I saw the one of her prone on the bed 😀


    PS– technically, “Sierra” is a Spanish word for “mountain range” and is neutral 😉


  2. ChopperPapa says:

    Beautiful dog bro! I especially appreciate the crotch shot, I often wish I could relax so leisurely.


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