Busy Weekend Part Three: Saturday Night

Brotherhood Winery

Not so scary sign. Except for the letter B.


We had it all planned out. Bunch of us were going to meet at our house, have pre game drinks in the bar, hop onto a nice party bus and hit the wineries.
This year’s plans fell apart because the limo company had all there cars pulled off the road for some reason. Douchebags.
So, plans changed a bit.  We still had a sitter lined up, and still had an idea of what we wanted to do. Laurie and I passed on going to the wineries all day and instead started drinking at our bar in the afternoon. We only went to one winery: The Brotherhood Winery Sinister Cellars.
The Brotherhood is America’s oldest winery and blah blah blah. If you are interested, click on the click above. We arrived around dark time and met up with our friends in the parking lot. They were already drunk; probably more drunk then we were.

“Hope you kids used a designated driver!”

Yes, Capt. Obvious,we did. I thought of all people you at least would have known that.

We decided to do some wine tasting before heading on down the sinister cellars. When we walked into the tasting room, we discovered something that I have never experienced in all my winery going years. The place was empty on a Saturday night at 8:20. I know what you are thinking:  “Holy shit, 8:20, how precise, he has a mind like a diamond, pays attention to detail, impressive…most impressive. Sadly no, my  memory is not that good. I can just read the clock in the picture below:

We got the whole place to ourselves.



k...everyone get together..squish in...ahh fuck it...drunk asses.


So after our wine tasting we headed down to the Sinister Cellars. I am not sure it behooves the Brotherhood to have their patrons down alcohol and then head over to a supposed to be scary event-but what could they do?

First, we head on down the stairs to the cellar. Have to admit, the Brotherhood did try to do a nice job. The actors were into it and for the most part ignored our heckling. I am willing to bet we are not the first bunch of drunks these very nice people had to deal with.

The red shirt always dies first!


The picture above is the entrance to the cellars. The nice man in the red shirt is telling us that we have to wait a few minutes. Which I took to mean as code for:” We are not ready for you guys, thought we were gonna cut out early, gives us a few minutes to set up”

You can tell we were all terrified.


Greg was wearing a very nice Stetson cowboy hat. I tried to take a picture of it but instead captured Scott trying to choke Nicol out. Drunk picture taking can be fun for all.

Speaking of drunk picture taking on we go:

Monk wearing a Stetson.


Ok, let me explain the picture above. On the left is a bunch of old barrells. I nthe middle is a scary monk wearing Greg’s white stetson, and on the right is more barrels.  The place was very dark and had that funky old steam- in- the- basement smell, coupled with random puddles on the floor. It was very well done, impressive lighting too. 

Ok let me explain Monk with a Stetson. See what happened was this: Mike decided it would be more funny if the scary monk was wearing a cowboy hat. And he was right. The poor guy in the picture above was doing his best to soldier on but he is a monk in a cowboy hat. You had to be there.

We carried on through the dank, musty, dark cellars. They actors gave it their all but there was just no scaring this drunken motley crew. They had animatronic plants that were on the ground, people jumping out at ya, the usual stuff. I took a few more pictures but they came out even worse then the one above and wound up on the cutting room floor.

At the end, they bring you back into the wine tasting room. When you re enter the room, there is a huge blue Sully from Monster Inc. I am glad Laurie likes the big guys:

Laurie and my doppleganger.


Next up, was Becky and her brother. But the two of them demanded their picture to be taken with serious face on. It took a few minutes to get the right look and atitude goin, but I think we got it:

Becky and her brother pose with Sully...serious faces on.


After the posing with Sully, we paid for our bottles of wine, and hit the road. We arrived back at our bar around 10pm, but we were so tired and so drunk it might as well have been 1am. 

10:14 pm back at the bar.


Good times had by all. Stay tuned for part 4.


6 Comments on “Busy Weekend Part Three: Saturday Night”

  1. ChopperPapa says:

    Didn’t know there were cowboys that far north, straight up wranglers, boots, n ‘all! ….my kinda people!!



  2. Going to the land’s oldest winery- pretty cool.

    Trolling the basement of said winery in a Stetson- way cool.

    Posing with Sully- totally cool.

    Going back to your own bar to enjoy total toasting- PRICELESS!!!


  3. dadshouse says:

    Sounds like a blast! Wine tasting is fun. We do it all the time. We’re close to Napa and Sonoma (1+ hour drive), but the Santa Cruz mountains are just minutes away, and they have wineries too. If you socialize and drink, rather than taste, who cares!?

    I love the scarey new masthead


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      It was really alot of fun. The key is a designated driver. I mean I am sure it sucks for them, but oh man it is soo worth it. It is like having the pressure off, and no worries.

      Thanks for the compliment on the masthead!


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