Busy Weekend Part Two: Friday Night

Friday night was Girl’s Night Out so Laurie went out with the umm.. girls. She has not had a night out with the ladies since Lyndsay Lohan was sober.  I put on my SUPER HUSBAND cape and told her in a booming echoing voice:

“Go out with the ladies my love. The child will be safe with me!!”

Laurie rolled her eyes and continued shopping for that night’s attire.  But I knew deep down she was aware of my awesomeness.
I picked up the Bootster around 5 pm and headed over to everyone’s favorite bowling alley: Hoe Bowl.
Tom is knocked through the ground by a stray b...

I felt like Tom

Not much has changed since I went there back in January. Employees are still very nice, greet with a smile, offered Madaghan a super light ball,  and allowed her to bowl in her crocs. Thumbs up on the customer service.

Our official date was bowling and dinner of chicken fingers, fries and water. I know, I know but seriously ladies, step back I am taken.


Maddie really likes the green bowling ball

Madaghan wanted everyone in the bowling alley to know her Daddy is thiiiiis big. Luckily for me, we were the only ones in the place.

That is the 14 pound ball that I was using. She is bam-bam in Crocs I swear.

Bowl? Hell no..it is hide and go seek time!

Madaghan and I bowled three games. And yes, I kept the bumpers in while I was bowling cause that is how I roll. I do not remember the scores, all I know is that they were close. By the third game, Maddie lost interest despite rolling the ball better and straighter AND….without the metal ramp thingy.

After we paid for the bowling and I got my shoe back, we headed over to visit the game room from 1988 complete with “Out of Order” sign crookedly taped to one of the screens. Surprisingly, this air hockey table worked and was great. Maddie had a great time and we played a few games. Here is a pic of her kicking my ass at air hockey:

Around 6pm it was time to go as  League Night was getting ready to start at 6:30. Already there was a steady stream of people coming in, dropping there bowling balls off and running back out to smoke.

Madaghan and I walked through the thick smoke compliments of the thoughtless douches that found it absolutely necessary to smoke right by the front door.

Blocking an entrance while smoking. Good for business?

Self centered smokers aside, we had a great time! Madaghan loves chucking the bowl down the alley and does a little dance when she hits a pin!

The rest of the night was status quo. I cooked her up some spaghetti since the chicken fingers at Hoe Bowl were well done and not to the Princess’ liking.  After a second helping of spaghetti, she was ready for bath, hair dry, story time and finally bed.

Busy Weekend Part 3 coming soon.


6 Comments on “Busy Weekend Part Two: Friday Night”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought you live in the country, but yet the picture on top of your weblog appears to be taken in the ‘burbs. What gives?


  2. You are an awesome hubby and a great daddy!!!

    I should make Hubby read your blog 😉


  3. Jeanmarie says:

    OMG! Maddie is so cute and I miss her (and you and Laurie of course). I think Jamie and her would be immediate BFFs! way to go “super husband”. What great Dad too. So did you do Daddy/Husband duty the next day too, so Laurie could recover? 🙂


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