Busy Weekend Part One: Friday

Tropical Storm Nicole was a mean bitch and made Friday the commute from hell. Overnight she was in a bitchy, pissy mood and dropped a steady stream of hate and rain all over the East Coast from Wednesday to Friday afternoon. Raining all the through the night, she successfully turned the highways into canals. I left my house 45 minutes early in anticipation of problems (’cause I be responsible ‘n shit yo) yet still managed to be about 2 hours late.    


The picture above shows a broken down car in the left hand lane. Awesome, as if there was not enough shit to deal with.  Have to give the driver credit for having the triangle so his fellow drivers knew he was broke down and not just …ya know, stopped. It really did help and in fact I plan to get one of the triangles, just in case.    

Holy Flood!

The guys in the yellow suits near the truck are pumping all the water out. That puddle was about four feet deep and can go fist itself. It broke the mighty Jetta. See what had happened is: The great and powerful Jetta almost met its match. I drove through the puddle like everyone else in the left hand lane and at one point I swear I was floating and only got through it due to momentum. The tires finally met  pavement again and I continued on passing three or four cars on the side of the road with their hoods up and drivers looking like a drowned, pissed off cat. There sullen faces in the pouring cold rain desperately trying to call someone. Anyone. As all this shit was going through my mind, my RPMs suddenly dropped from 3,000 to about 1500, just above idling.  I could not go over 40 mph no matter what. SHIT! I look down at the dashboard and see one the idiot lights are on. Correction, it is blinking! That’s peculiar, I thought. Can I make it to the station house? Should I pull over? No, I do not want to be “that guy” blocking traffic. I press on. Not being to go above 40 is not much of an issue so no one is going above 10. So, one thing going for me.   

I get off the exit and travel a bit on the service road. After crossing over East Houston street,  I look and see another muth-f-in’-sun uv a beeetch puddle. This one, cars are going through, but this driver with a sick car. I pull a u turn. Ever pull a U-turn on a busy Manhattan street with school bus, commuter bus, and an ambulance all waiting for you? No..? I have. Adding to the fun is the broken engine and slippery roads and limited visibility. Holy shit on a shingle I have had enough and it is only 7:30am! I had to press on to get my car to the stationhouse. So, I hop back onto the expressway, (luckily another entrance ramp right there) and go down one exit and get off again. Caustiously running red lights and dodging bag ladies, I make it. We open the garage , disconnect the battery and let the Jetta dry out for a few hours.  I apologize for not having a pic, but I was busy not crashing and trying not to sheer the steering wheel off and flinging into the Hudson River.  

Around 8 I come rolling into the garage, stalled once, opened the hood to allow the engine to air dry and disconnected the battery.  

On my to post, I got stuck behind someone transporting two caskets. You read that right: Two.  Not everyday you see a casket being delivered let alone two:  

Bring out your dead!

When I finally got to post, I was still discombobulated and would not get out of the car. In more simple terms: I was done with this day, and now decided to act like a child and pout. An armed child sure, but I was pissy.  


Here is my breakfast delivered to me from a street meat cart:  

Bagel and coffee delivered. I love NYC.

Things were starting to look brighter. Stay tuned for part two.  


6 Comments on “Busy Weekend Part One: Friday”

  1. ChopperPapa says:

    “Shit on a shingle’…dude I’ve been in the south all my life and know lots of zingers..never heard that one….freaking hysterical!


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      I have to admit that one is from Mom. When I was a but a wee lad in all my annoying glory, I would pester her relentlessly:” Mom, what’s for dinner?”, ” Mom, what’s for dinner?”, ” Mom, what’s for dinner?”, ” Mom, what’s for dinner?”. Losing patience and her freakin’ mind she would say:” Tonight, you are having shit on a shingle, no go wash up and get outta my face” 🙂


  2. dadshouse says:

    And here I was grumbling that i had to wear a long sleeve shirt for my run today – for the first time in months, it’s actually a bit cold. No rain yet here. Hope that storm didn’t do too much damage.


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      No, no serious damage. The flooding and puddles probably took out a few cars. It was just more of an annoyance.


  3. Wow, that must have been an adventure for you 🙂

    Done that many times during hurricanes around here. And O/T, but haven’t had Shit on a Shingle in a while 😀


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