Happy Anniversary Monkey Cat!

7 years! I know, I know…. I would have thought she would have woken up and realized what the hell she did sometime like around….6 years ago. But she was still here this morning with all the covers over our head.

  • She is the hottest wife ever.
  • Complete with a 12 pack, and arms that any fitness expert would die for.
  • She has beautiful eyes
  • She reads to Madaghan every night.
  • I love her laugh
  • Watches out for my health
  • Makes sure we don’t get cheated on bills
  • She loves games and is competitive; she thinks I cheat whenever I win at something.
  • She spoons really well.
  • She’s assertive
  • Her lips are so soft and kissable
  • She cares about her parents
  • She thinks I’m sexy
  • She stands her ground
  • She forgives me when I screw up
  • She pays our bills on time (except for Kubota)
  • She loves to dance and move those hips
  • She tolerates my bar building addiction and even helps!
  • She’s a MILF
  • Her hair always smells so good
  • She can eat anywhere, not just hoity-toity places
  • She looks incredible in a formal dress
  • Her political views mostly match mine
  • She likes to hear from me while I commute
  • Makes great brownies
  • She doesn’t make me watch chick flicks
  • She knows the words to lots of 80’s songs
  • She gave us a beautiful child
  • She balances a career and  motherhood
  • She smokes cigars
  • She likes the bedroom as cold as possible and be buried under the covers. It is our own batcave.
  • She can shop at Kids R Us for Madaghan and herself.
  • She loves my cooking
  • She reminds me of the benfits the NYPD provide when I want to give up
  • She knows how to dance and does not care that I don’t.
  • She calls me during the day to see how I’m doing
  • She thinks I’m funny (well… I tend to repeat jokes and stories, so she may not think as much of the material).
  • She also thinks I am weird.
  • She actually likes to mow the lawn (she considers it an opportunity to exercise).
  • She drives the car when we go around town (a very big deal, since I commute 3 hours a day).
  • She is very independent
  • She doesn’t like me to bring her flowers (she sees it as a waste of money).
  • She is the same about cards for special occasions (waste of money she views it as she is buying herself cards)


Happy Anniversary Baby! Cheers!


16 Comments on “Happy Anniversary Monkey Cat!”

  1. Amy says:

    Aw, you guys are CUTE! Congrats on seven years 🙂


  2. Jeanmarie says:

    Such a great post. Laurie is great! Congratulations you two!


  3. Busy-Dad-E says:

    Congrats and Best wishes!


  4. Dude, she could be my twin, only not Hispanic, and I don’t “do” lawns 😀

    Congrats on your anniversary!!!


  5. Woody says:

    Congratulations Mr. O’Shea!

    Sorry ’bout your luck Mrs. O’Shea…


  6. Aaaaaw that was really really sweet.
    It sounds like you are BOTH lucky!

    Happy Anniversary!


  7. Mom says:

    How nice of you to say how you feel and let everyone know. Happy 7th.


  8. Superior Leather Padded Flash Bridle & Reins Black Full £17.95…

    I found your post a really good read, so have added this trackback!!… oh, and I fuck horses.


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      Did you really? You read my heartfelt post to my wife and immediately thought we needed a saddle? I mean we’re into kinky shit, but pony play is not one of them.


  9. hanesian says:

    Congrats on #7 you two … a good start! And very tactful you, Brian, to not publicly call attention to Laurie’s one obvious character flaw: her spousal picking ability. I mean, really … WTF was she thinking?! <>

    Oh well, nobody is perfect! And she DOES play a mean game of beer pong, so … who cares?


A good bartender always listens....

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