Nine Eleven Part Two

Here is part Two. If you have not read Part One yet, CLICK HERE. (no worries, there is a link there to get you back here.)


Sept 12, 2001 16:00-04:00

First 12 hour tour. Word came down that RDOs (Regular Days Off) are canceled. So effectively we will be working 12 on 12 off with no days off.

I was assigned the Williamsburg bridge in Manhattan. Me, Sgt Mayo, and a few other officers were tasked with stopping all traffic trying to go over the bridge from Manhattan and into Brooklyn.  There was no traffic, save the occasional ambulance and MTA bus carrying firemen. It was easy post except for the big plume of smoke coming from the west.

Sept 13 16:00  – Sept 14th 07:20

Made an arrest on this day. While searching for survivors and body parts, I observed a scum sucking piece of rhino shit  gentlemen pocket a few watches from the destroyed Tourneau watches store. I guess he thought since he was a retired corrections officer, he was entitled.  What he got was a cell. When I lodged him into Central Booking, the Corrections Officer at the intake point was so disgusted he made the perp take off his Corrections Dept. issued pants and gave him grey dingy sweatpants to wear. I thought it was a nice touch.

Sept. 15 16:00 – 0:700

Post: Vesey and West St security checkpoint

Sept 16th 16:00 x07:00

Post: Station House security. -Got a break from having to go down to Ground Zero. I got to stay at the house and guard the front door.

Sometime around October 1st, they changed the tours from 16:00 -04:00 to 18:00-06:00. The traffic during the other tours was just to much to handle and making the oncoming tours late.

And that is pretty much how it went. Day in and day out. Days blurred into one another. Some days I would not even go home and just sleep at the precinct. The days I did go home it felt like I was going home for an extended lunch hour because by the time you fought traffic getting home,ate dinner, took a shower and went to bed it was time to leave for work again. I even had to have Mom do my laundry for me. (Thanks Mom!)

Saturday, Sept 29 2001 Navy Reserves.

This is my first day off and I get to go to the Navy reserves. I am not sure why I joined the reserves, I just finished 4 years active duty less than a year ago. I only did one weekend in the reserves. Here is why:

When I first joined the reserves drill weekends were held in Amityville, NY. I say drill weekends as if I did more than one, but truth be told this weekend was my first drill weekend. In fact in was my orientation and uniform issue. Anyway, the weekend went fine, no problems. It was nice to get off at 4pm and not have another 12 hours of work to do. I actually got to out on a Saturday night.

A few days later I got a package in the mail. They moved to New Jersey! What the fuck? New Jersey? So now instead of going from East Meadow to Amityville, I would now have to drive to Earle, NJ. The package included my Reserves credit card-to be used at the Red Roof Inn! Whoo Hooo!  No way was I driving to Earl NJ. Working  12 hour shifts was enough thank you very much.

I called the base and told them I would not be returning.  At this point, Amityville was a skeleton crew and they could give a shit less. I filled out the necessary forms and was done with it. Or so I thought.

A day or so later I got an email from  douche Navy Chief  Fukstik. I wish I remembered his name, but I do not so he is now Chief Petty Officer Fukstik. No “c’s”.  He sent me a scathing email saying how much the country needs all the help it can get, how could I just abandoned the Navy in time of need, what about dedication to duty, how dare I..blah blah blah. I remember looking up Navy Chief Fukstick. He was a teacher from New Jersey. Never been active duty.

My reply to him was something like this:

Dear Chief Fukstik,

I am too busy picking up body parts on Vesey and West Streets to come to Earle, NJ to sit around in a gym playing sailor and pretend to do calisthenics. I know you think playing Sailor on weekends only is some sort of dedication to duty, but it is not. You want to be a service to your country? You want dedication to duty? Meet me  anyday at 18:00 on the corner of Vesey and West Streets and help with the Recovery effort you pompous windbag.

Don’t lecture me about dedication to duty-I served my country full time, not some part time weekend warrior who has never seen the inside of a ship. Stop hiding out in Earle, NJ and come up to NYC. We could use the help.

He never showed up. Damn, I wish I knew his name. About a month later I got my Honorable Discharge from the US Naval Reserves in the mail.

Here are just some of the pictures I have:

Me, Mark, Stephanie Vinny, Pete, Rebecca, Greg, & Masseus

Rob Schneider

Matt Dillion

Marisa Tomei grabbing my ass. She can not help it.

Me, Rebecca, unknown cop, Mike Starr, Stephanie and Vinny

A hard day's night

Flowers in front of the precinct

Thank you letters from the kids.

Me..sometime that night.

The Bucket Brigade

The Chicago Blackhawks were in town to play the Rangers and they stopped down to say “hi” to everyone. Funny side note Chris Chelios showed up to a national disaster site wearing open toed sandals.

Jeremy Roenick

Brett Hull and Chris Chelios

Whole cast of The Sopranos


25 Comments on “Nine Eleven Part Two”

  1. Aunt Cindy says:

    Hi Brian,
    Just read your blog. Yes I take after Uncle Louie.
    As I said before, you are an excellent writer and should really publish your story. Very humbling.


  2. Chelios is my favorite hockey player ever, even if he doesn’t wear the proper shoes!


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