My Vacation Part 1

I had a great vacation! Hurricane Earle was a no show and the weather could not have been better: sunny and 80s. Everyday of my vacation, I felt like the first 2 minutes and 24 seconds of this video:

What did I do? Well you know about the Bash in the Bush already. Surely, that party was a fantastic way to kick off a vacation.  But what the else did Chubby do you ask?

The Sunday after the party was a slow motion day . Everyone was barely moving, not really hung over, just really tired. I drove down to Long Island to pick up the cherub, Laurie drove down last time, it was my turn.

Monday, AJ came down to the house and we took the tents down and cleaned up the yard. The party was officially over. 

Tuesday and Wednesday was wake up whenever, eat breakfast, play x box until Laurie and the Cherub came home from work. 

On Thursday I got tires for the V dub-ya.  While waiting for the tires to be put on, I walked on down to Luigi’s, the local pizza place,  and got myself some lunch. The place was packed at 11am on a Tuesday. Seriously good food and they know the O’Shea’s by name. I would like to think it’s because I leave a nice tip for the counter peeps, but really I think Luigi has a crush on my wife.

Standing room only

New tires, new cabin filter, and an oil change set me back 500 clams. Not too shabby. I bought really nice Cooper Touring C64  tires, because well, I travel a whole helluva lot.  They come with a 80,000 mile tread warranty and is also backed by a 45-day road test, allowing you to return the tire for a full refund if you are not satisfied.

All that factored into the buying decision. Plus I deserve them because I am beautiful.

Here is what the V dub-ya looked like when I left the shop:

Off-road tire

Makes the VW look more betterer.

I am kidding of course.

After the tires were slapped on, I returned home to prepare for Hurricane Earle. I surveyed the yard putting all my daughter’s toys away, mowed the lawn, took the umbrella down and secured it, checked on the propane level then promptly called the propane company for a delivery.  We were down to 60% and with a Hurrican a comin’, I wanted to be at 100%. A full propane tank should run my house for a week. I also checked the engine on the generator to you know…make sure it was still there:

The engine is trying to communicate with me. It is telling me something.

On Thursday and Friday, I dug holes for my friend Doug. See, Doug is building a deck that me and my ladies will be hanging out on alot. So I thought  I would surprise Doug and have the holes for the footings well, dug.

Since the tractor was already at Doug’s,  I hopped into the V-dubya and drove  over with happy thoughts of digging bouncing around my empty head. Upon arrival, I discovered the fact that I am a forgetful jackass and promptly turned around to get the key for the tractor. On way back to mi casa,  I tried to run down a deer that was mocking me.  As he pranced off into the woods, I could have sworn he yelled back:” I got the tractor keys fat ass!”  That future venison burger is just lucky I am not a hunter. What a dick.

Future BBQ meat running in Doug's driveway

The following is a pictorial of my adventure in digging at Doug’s:


Sept 3rd 12:31: First Rock in Bucket


Sept 3rd 12:38 Taking the f***ing rock to its new home.

Sept 3rd 1:17 pm: Another F***ing ROCK!! GRR.

Sept 3rd 1:30: Me telling that rock how I feel.

Sept 3rd 15:28: ANOTHER ROCK! ARRRGGH!

Sept 3rd 3:29: Me telling the rock how I feel.

Sept 3rd 3:35: All the Inglorious Basterds together.


Sept. 3rd 3:35: All done!

Special Shout out to Karl K. for fixing the Big Mean Orange Machine. During one of the many battles of Chubby vs. Rock, one of the hydraulic lines could not take the pressure and leaked hydraulic fluid all over the place. Karl fixed it in about 10 minutes. Rock on Karl.

On Saturday I worked on the patio. It was already done but see what had happened was…Laurie and I kinda, sorta, installed it to far down below grade and had to be raised up. Water was collecting in a nice little private pond in front of the garage door. I tried chanting: ” Rise patio rise!”  which did not work.  I then tried lifting it up like Yoda lifting the X wing out of the swamps on Dagobah, but my Jedi powers have recently weakend, so back to the old fashioned way with levels hanging from a string, tampering, and a hammer.  It took alot longer this time and in fact as of press time is still not done.

I start with a Before Pic:

A true before pic would have included the fucked up patio!”

Yes, yes you are right Capt. Obvious. Thank you for that…helpful…<sigh>..information. I hate it when the Capt. is right. I did not take any pictures before I got to work ripping up the old water collecting patio. Instead, after I ripped up said fucked up patio, I hopped on the ye old tractor and began dumping dirt onto the low spots making it nice level. Chubby even used a chalk line to get the dirt all pretty like.

“I would have taken a before picture.”

Somehow I do not think so. I think you would have called a professional  for fear of getting your khakis dirty. Please go away. Where was I? …Oh yeah! The Semi- Before Pic:

Before pic (sorta)

See the yellow sting in the middle? Making sure it be level yo.

First stone laid! Nice and easy, nice and level.

See the blue chalk line in the above picture? That lines the top of the pavers up, so they come out nice and true. Yes, true. Not level. The pavers are not level themselves, so I want them to be nice and straight relative to one and another, hence…as Holmes on Holmes would say:” Nice and true”.

Busy vacation so far huh? Stay tuned for part 2…



7 Comments on “My Vacation Part 1”

  1. dadshouse says:

    I always like your tractor pics. I guess I wish I had one (and reason to use one). And those trucker salutes seemed entirely in order


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      Those trucker salutes were indeed entirely in order. Getting those rocks out is like trying to pull a sandwhich from Rosie O’Donnell’s hands.


  2. Lil sis says:

    Did Laurie use those big rocks in her rock wall??


  3. Fixing hydraulic lines seems to be an ongoing thing. I think I’m buying good hose but they bust out. Since now they’re all different ages it seems like I’m always replacing one. 🙂


  4. weight says:

    i can has cheeseburger?


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