Bash in the Bush

So I had a little get together Saturday night to kick off my vacation week. What a good time it was! We had the whole neighborhood over, a bon fire going food all over the place, music blaring everything from Skynerd to Ga Ga. By the time I was done setting things up, the guests were starting to arrive! Perfect timing by yours truly. I forgot to take before pictures, but here are the pics I did take…
The first pic is at 10:45pm…beer pong in full swing, bar being handled by Mr. Creeden.

My wife. (the one with the cigar)

 and then it is all down hill from there….

The neighbors of the Round Table....Cheers Joey!

Hey you in the white shirt..get back behind the bar! George is feeling good.

Mr. Haden contemplating the complexities of Venison or just thinking about boobies. Mike in the background chatting it up with the ladies.

Laurie winning at Beer Pong.

Laurie's Future?

My cousin Eugene and two ladies. Mike in the background smooth talkin'

My wife and Nicol tending bar or something. Nicol is angry because she does not have another hand for another drink.

1:00 am: Me and the wife in a family picture worthy of the mantle. Stay Classy Pine Bush.

I wish there were more pics, but at the time I did not give a shit about pictures.  

It was a great time and as a bonus, clean up was a breeze! Got up the next morning and I guess everyone cleaned as they went because all the bottles were in the recycables, none were to be found laying around!  Totally awesome. Great friends, big laughs, can not wait to do it again. This my dear readers is why I am building a bar.

Pics of the bar without all ‘dem people in it.

Check out Things I Have Learned while Building A Bar.


12 Comments on “Bash in the Bush”

  1. Woody says:

    Looks like fun! I don’t know this Nicol chick, but she can come visit my man-cave anytime.

    Now stop partying and finish up your construction!


  2. O'Shea Shenanigans says:

    Woody…just like the guys building their Home Theaters…once the projector goes up, construction stops. For me, once the tap was working it was all over.
    Kidding aside, I am just waiting on Chief of O’Shea Finance Department to allocate funds to getting the floor done. Nothing can be done until that part is finished. So it’ll be a awhile, but as you can see no one is complaining. I am thinking of inviting you to my Grand Opening, so keep a trip to the upstate New York area in the back of your mind open.. 🙂


  3. dadshouse says:

    Fun times! Did you have enough kegs? 🙂 I love your bar, btw. Did the stripper pole get any use? We need pics of that!!


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      I did have enough kegs. I tapped one at 4, and that one was kicked at 11pm. The 2nd one is still in there. The stripper pole did get some use…strict policy of No pics during the performance! Do not want to discourage anyone from hopping on the pole for fear of Facebook tags 🙂


  4. dadshouse says:

    I just noticed your wife is smoking a cigar in all those pics. Between that, the abundance of beer, and the stripper pole, I just have to say – Dang, I want to get invited to your next party!

    How was Serbia, btw? (Hahaha.)


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      I am having another one in February, the weekend after Valentine’s Day so save the date! 🙂 Serbia was nice, but my balls are missing.


  5. Oh, that looked like an awesome time was had by all. I had to review the pics again for the stripper pole. Priorities, ya know 😉


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  8. My name is Bobby Saniger and I have the smallest penis in the world! That is why I have alot of free time to go onto people’s bloggers and write stupid shit about my suck ass business. I suck, fuck my life.


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