Back to Jucas

This morning we were supposed to go to Splash Down Mountain but when we woke up and checked the weather, the forcast called for highs of 75 and scattered thunderstorms. Not such good water park weather for a little one. So, we thought about going horseback riding at Jucas Stables because they allow 5 years olds and as a bonus it is very close by. We have actually been to this stable once before along time ago.

For a while, Jucas Stables stopped allowing 5 year olds to go. This kind of baffles me a bit. I can see it from there standpoint about liability, insurance, blah blah blah. But, you sign a waiver. I mean,  I understand as a parent there is a risk in putting my daughter on a 2 ton animal, I get it. But all the precautions are there: helmet, older,slow semi-retired horse tethered to the lead horse. What gives? How much are you loosing but not allowing children? If one child can not go, chances are that child might have two parents and a sibling that could not go either. That is alot of money to not allow to walk in the door. But, I digress.

“No one gives a shit. Get on with your story!”

We called at 9 30 and they nice lady on the phone said they were all booked up for the day. But if we could get there by 10, we could hit the trail. 10 was a little steep, it takes Madaghan 5 minutes just to put on her shows, 10 if Scooby Doo is on.  We agreed on 10 15 and headed out.

First stop was get cash. Jucas stables does not report its income I mean um…Jucas Stables does not want to charge more for Credit Card fees so they are a cash only business.  A quick stop at the Quick-E-Mart yielded: cash, three buttered rolls, OJ, and juice with plenty of time to spare.

We got there, signed the waiver and slapped a hat on Maddie. Here she is on “Popcorn”:

If I put my cute face on, the fat man will stop taking pictures of me.

Laurie waiting to board...

Laurie on "Hay-Lee"

Madaghan was great on the horse, and we could really see her lessons paying off. We rode all through out the woods and even got to trot a little bit! It was a very good time and highly recommend  taking a ride here if you are ever in my neck of the woods. I know we will be coming back-especially for a fall and winter ride.

Kudos for Jucas Stables for allowing little human beings be a part of their business, otherwise my dollars would have went somewhere else today.


6 Comments on “Back to Jucas”

  1. Busy-Dad-E says:

    I agree with 5 minutes to put on shoes, but if Scooby Doo is on, our boys will cease to dress in their tracks. 10 minutes is impressive


  2. Lil sis says:

    That looks like a lot of fun. Wow madaghan in jeans. Thought maybe she’s try and ride in a princess dress


  3. Mom says:

    Hope you had a good time. Looks like fun.


  4. Hm…horses… Only time I had the experience of being atop one, it didn’t….*like* it. 😀

    Glad to see y’all had a great time, though. If ever I go, I’ll be the one on the other side of the fence!!


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