Bar Build 036

Today, Laurie gave me the green light to purchase some more electronics for the bar. I am hoping by ordering them this morning, they will get here this week while I have the house to myself and have some time to install all this great stuff.

For outside, will be mounted under the deck.

These Polk Audio 55 All-Weather speakers will be mounted under the deck and be hooked into the touchscreen jukebox.

 I also will be installing a volume control knob on the deck to adjust the volume without having to go back downstairs into the bar because I am lazy like that.

Volume Control: For on deck laziness

Next is the Recessed Media Box from This will go behind the TV and chances are no one will see it, but I will. I like the cables to look nice and tidy, not a big distressed mess. So with this, the cables pass through the rubber part and into the wall.

Wires pass on through

I also grabbed some bannana style plugs to make connecting speakers that much easier and to make sure none of the signal is lost through a shitty connection.

Keep the connection static free.

Finally, I bought plates for the speaker wire and cable pass throughs.

Speaker connection. Bought two of these for six speakers.

For inside the media closet

When all is said and done, the inside of the media closet should look something like this:

Comes with everything you see here. Minus the shitty paint color.

So most of the progress done to the bar this week will go unseen by mostlty everyone. But does not matter, as these things need to be done for a nice and neat cable management and easier expansion in the future.

Stay tuned as I will post pictures of the installation and progress.


4 Comments on “Bar Build 036”

  1. Seems like you are jazzed about this. Most of the terminology is foreign to me, but sounds like this bar is going to be THE happening place in NY 🙂


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      I am just hoping it wil be THE happening place on my block. I have great neighbors and love hanging out with them and this is a way to bring us together. Plus, it helps cut down on the travel for family gatherings since they will all be here! 🙂 Method to the Madness.


  2. You are a lucky lucky man.


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