Driver’s Dinner

On Friday we went to the Old Grist Mill again. I know we were just there and you are probably thinking to yourself “How much do the O’Shea’s love that place?” Well my friends, the answer is  “a whole hell of alot”.

No one gives a shit! Move on!

You’re right, Captain Obvious. This is a post about an Award’s Dinner and not a restaurant review.

Where was I? Oh yeah…Every year my wife’s company holds an awards dinner for the truck drivers. 7 grumpy old men that hit a home run in the trucking industry (home alot, make good money) yet still bitch about anything. 

In a gusture of good-will and appreciation, the Company throws a dinner every year. They hand out awards for safest driver, most miles, biggest moustache, you get the idea.

All the drivers except for one showed up. Why? He said he could not make it because he lives in Pennsylvania and it would be about an hour drive. 

The bullshit flag has been thrown.

Why the bullshit flag you ask? Well I’ll tell ya: Last year the Driver’s Dinner was in a shitty Holiday Inn in Pennsylvania and all 6 of the driver’s from New York made it. So, why when the Driver’s Dinner is held in New York, the one driver can not make it because it is too far. That my friends, is Bullshit. It is ok for all  6 guys to come to Pennsylvania, but when the dinner is held in New York the one Pennsylvania driver can’t make it. That is what I call: Bullshit!

Guess what Mr. If-it-is-not-in-Pennsylvania-I-am-n0t-coming; you missed a great party. We had toys, best appetizers ever, booze, chicks, more food, the bar all to ourselves and you missed it.

Front of the Old Grist Mill

Where the old water wheel got it's power from.

Mickey suffering a lime to the eye injury

Wifey, Stacey, and Maritza boozin' it up.

Show me some leg ladies.

Mickey just saw the bill.

Charlie wins the award for the tightest pants.

The Prime Rib

Great people those drivers. Everyone had a awesome dinner, a couple of nice drinks and all around good time.


4 Comments on “Driver’s Dinner”

  1. Agree with ya on the bullshit flag. I live in Texas, where we measure distance in minutes, not miles. And the fact that he’s a trucker?? Hell, it ain’t THAT far away.

    Funny, but we also have a restaurant here called The Gristmill, out in Gruene (pronounced “green”, which is fine, since the town name is German for “green”), right on the Guadalupe River.

    Great place for steak, too 🙂


  2. Busy-Dad-E says:

    Okay, I promise that if we’re ever in your neck of the woods, will eat at Old Grist Mill. Sounds (and looks) too good to pass up.


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