Q: What’s with all the Birthday posts?

A: May Birthdays.

I am sure many of you probably have that one month everyone seemed to be born in.
I like to make a little Happy Birthday post for each one, wishing them a Happy Birthday in my own very special way.


5 Comments on “Q: What’s with all the Birthday posts?”

  1. hi wats your myspace page


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      My myspace page? How nice of you to ask Mr. What Does My Name Mean?. I feel so special! My myspace page is: go_spam_someone_else_you_prick . com


  2. Will says:

    Yeah! I have eight birthdays on my calendar this month too. What is up with that? I guess August and September is a busy month for couples.


  3. dadshouse says:

    That’s a lot of birthdays in one month! Hope it’s happy times for all.


A good bartender always listens....

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