On Friday the 23rd, I was assigned a footpost somewhere in Manhattan.  The weather was nice so I decided to take the motorcycle out for a cruise and by motorcyle I mean this little thing:

My hog for the night. Harley owners are laughing everywhere.

With the song “fat guy on a little scooter”  from Tommy Boy ringing under my helmet, I cruised through the traffic with the greatest of ease. This little thing is great but I would not take it on a highway.

Oh! guess what I saw while chillin’ like a mofo?  

1974 Chevy Nova

A ’74 Nova. My parents had this shitbox car when I was growing up. Same chevy faded gray complete with black stripe glued onto the side. The one in the picture is all suped up and sounded awesome.  By the way, the Nova did not sell very well in spanish speaking countries. For them, it is the “Chevy No-go” Would you buy a car with the name Nogo?  I know, I am an idiot.

Good times on the foot post.


7 Comments on “Footpost”

  1. Busy-Dad-E says:

    Same goes for French: No-Va = No Go.

    Makes me think of that line from Beverly Hills Cop.

    Jenny: “You used to drive that crappy, blue Chevy Nova. What are you driving now?”

    Axel: “Same crappy, blue Chevy Nova.”


  2. You might not believe this, but on Monday evening, I actually sang out ”fat guy on a little scooter” a la Chris Farley. How much of a coincidence is that, right?

    Because he never actually sang that, it was just “fat guy in little coat”, right? Or did I forget something?


  3. Mom says:

    I really loved my chevy-nova. It never let me down.

    Nice “motorcycle-wanna-be”


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