Nice Weather

The weather was so nice on Saturday, we decided to go down to the stream behind our house and create a swimming hole. There is a spot that is deep enough and wide enough for my  fat ass. It is about the size and depth of a small jacuzzi. 

We climbed down the little revine and yours truly remembered to bring some rope. I tied one end to a tree and threw the end down to the stream. It will make climbing back up a little more easier.

We got to the spot and discovered a tree has fallen right across. I did not hear it fall, so did it really happen? Oh, I am a clever one. Anywho, the tree really helped and we think we’re going to keep it there while we work on the making the swimming hole deeper and wider.

Building the damn


and of course, Maddie fell in


As you can see from the pic above, Laurie is standing in ankle deel water, while Maddie is in wasit deep water or knee deep water for you and I.  Just to the right of Maddie (Maddie’s left) the water is even deeper, probably waist deep. We  damned the stream just a little and plan to dig this out a bit more in the summer. The water was as a cold as a charity drive in a recession. Didn’t bother Maddie because she is insane.

So bring your swimsuit with you when you visit in the summer!


12 Comments on “Nice Weather”

  1. Busy-Dad-E says:

    Looks like great fun. She does appear to be fearless.

    On a completely different note, whose bed is graced with the Transformers sheets?


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      Right now, they are in the closet. When my brother stays over, I put them on in the guest bedroom. We’re dorks like that, but it’s how we roll.


      • Busy-Dad-E says:

        Sweet. I’m guessing we share similar interests in childhood toys. I must admit to being very excited that our tv’s “on demand” service includes reruns of Thundercats. The boys love it. Little Brother can turn anything to the Sword of Omens, and goes around proclaiming, “Butter-cats, ho!” I love it. I’ve always rolled more with the nerds than dorks myself, but it’s cool.


        • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

          I watched Thundercats growing up. I had a crush on Cheetarah. Pretty cool seeing your own kids enjoying the same stuff you did huh? Butter-Cats..LOL…


  2. dadshouse says:

    How fun! My brother used to live on a farm that had a pond where we could fish and swim. We loved those vacations.


  3. Aunt Diane says:

    Count me in looks like fun


  4. Mom says:

    count me in too. Only I will wait untill the water is warmer


  5. Mom says:

    P.S. Where is chapter 2?


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