Madaghan’s Broken Nose Update

So we went to the doctors with Booty Lou and he looked at it again…NO SURGERY NEEDED!! Sweet!

Booty Lou dodged having a painful procedure due to her nose healing nicely on its own. We as her parental units, could not tell if it is crooked or not, and when the doctor looked at her, he could not really tell either.

 He also told us that if we had the procedure done, it is not 100% effective and she still might have a crooked nose or even a bump.  To sum it all up: We can’t tell if it is crooked, the procedure has the potential to make it worse, and it is not 100% effective equals Maddie Boots not having to go under. 

By the way, it was the nicest exam room I have ever been in:

Sit right in that chair!


Good job Booty Louie!


11 Comments on “Madaghan’s Broken Nose Update”

  1. Busy-Dad-E says:

    Great news! I’m sure everyone is much relieved.


  2. Eugene says:

    Glad to hear Maddie doesn’t need surgery, looks like you’ll have to find another way to get her to sleep for 12 hours straight 🙂 lol.

    Seriously glad to hear she doesn’t need surgery.


  3. Woody says:

    Well THAT’S a relief! Good for you guys. Nose surgery doesn’t sound painless… if you know what I mean.


  4. bluesuit12 says:

    This is fantastic news!!!


  5. oshea12566 says:

    Thanks to all you guys for the concerns, thoughts and prayers. You guys all kick ass and take names than blog about it.




  6. Glad to hear she is healing up. I’ve gotten my nose broken repeatedly. Hurts but it heals. If she’s lucky, that is just the first of many a broken bone. Proves she’s active and adventurous and still alive! It is not recovering that is a bummer!


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      Oh yeah she is active and adventurous. I am certain this will not be the last. She is recovering quite well actually..if it wasn’t for her nose being green, no one would know it is broken. Doc says it is healing well and should not be crooked.


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