Rhode Island Visit

We traveled to my brother Keith’s house to visit the latest edition to the family, his new baby daughter Julia. 

The weather was sooo nice we decided to walk around the block to teach Keith’s oldest daughter, Alexa, how to ride an ATV:

Rev the engine, then down-shift.

After the on road off roading lesson we decided to hit the beach.

Can you take the picture from any further from the water?

Keith showing Madaghan and Alexa how to fly a kyte.

Go fly a kyte!

We got back on Sunday and we took Madaghan’s jeep out for a spin:

Can this driveway be any longer?

After only a few minutes, the battery quit. I am not sure why, it was fully charged. I hope it kind of got drained from not being used in a couple of months. I plugged it in Sunday night, so hopefully it will work for more than 5 minutes next time.

Since the Jeep quit, we thought it was a good day for Maddie to start on her bicycle:

Little Mac in training. (Mike Tyson Punch-out reference)



OK, not exactly…Madaghan is not a big Black man and Laurie is not wearing a pink hoodie. But you get the idea.


6 Comments on “Rhode Island Visit”

  1. Busy-Dad-E says:

    Loved the Punch-Out reference. Definitely one of my favorite games on the original Nintendo. Was very glad to get the cheat code to fight Tyson directly, rather than having to beat Super Macho Man again and again and again, not to mention that second duel with Don Flamenco.

    Thank you for reminding me how many hours of my life I wasted on Nintendo.

    Glad you had a fun trip.


    • oshea12566 says:

      Oh that second duel with Don Flamenco the bane of my childhood existence. I think you might like this: Angry Video Game Nerd. He reviews shitty Nintendo games from past. The link takes you to his full video list, pick a game and enjoy the video. It is worth the look.


  2. Mom says:

    Looks like you had a great weekend.


  3. dadshouse says:

    Great pics. Love the ATV. I lived in Providence for two years. Fun memories.


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