St. Paddy’s Day

Know what I did for St. Patrick’s Day? Nothing. Yup. This Irishmen laid low. I took the day off, got the oil changed in the car then played Ghostbusters on the X-Box 360.

Around 5, I picked Madaghan up so Laurie can enjoy her Zumba class without having to worry about the cherub running amuck. I took her to the park where sat at the picnic table and ate our dinner.

I know not a very fun day to spend as an Irishmen with a bar in his own house. But, I did get to enjoy the weather and get some odds and ends done.

I am Princess of the world!!


Daddy! Look! I can kick my own ass.


4 Comments on “St. Paddy’s Day”

  1. Busy-Dad-E says:

    Picnic dinners are always good (other than the fact that the kids don’t want to eat because they’re more interested in playing.)


  2. Goodfather says:

    We didn’t do anything either, but my wife is German, and I think I’m English/French (adopted, so I’m not really sure). But.. we had a nice day anyway!

    You have a bar in your house? Cooooollll…… 😉


A good bartender always listens....

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