Bathroom Painting

Laurie and I have lived in this house for about 5 years and the  master bedroom’s bathroom was one of those projects that kept getting put on the back burner. (yes building a bar was way more important..don’t judge.)

See, for 5 years she was soooo nice….. lord..she was lovey dovey…and one day I couldn’t pay the rent..and out the door I went….

oops Sorry.

Where was I? Oh the bathroom.

For the 5 years we lived here, the bathroom was nothing but primer. I know,you do not have to say it.

I would have painted it right away.

Super Husband again?  Go make a card out of construction paper and glitter glue. Pansy.

So, yeah..primer….I am so ashamed of that. So ashamed that I decided to share it on a public forum on the internet. Truth be told you are all my peeps- I love sharing shit with you, and I have no shame.

One day while in the bathroom, I looked up and saw little black specs on the ceiling and was afraid it was mold. I do not think it was, but at that moment I put my foot down, turned to Laurie (after I got out of the bathroom) and said:” Woman! I be painting the bathroom this weekend, cancel all plans! The man of the house has spoken!”

You did not say that!

 Dammit. You are right, I didn’t. But I did say, politley, ” we’re painting the bathroom this weekend”

“Your parents are coming up on Saturday”

“I am painting on Sunday”

“Madaghan has a Birthday party to go to”

“I’ll skip the birthday party and paint the bathroom like Super Husband would”

“Who is Super Husband?”

“Nevermind. Can I paint Sunday?”

“Yeah, we’ll get the supplies Saturday”

I did kinda want to go to the birthday party, I like going to Madaghan’s stuff.  But the bathroom needed to be painted.

So Laurie went off to grab a splitting headache, I mean..go to the Birthday party and I stayed behind to paint the bathroom. Holy shit, did it suck. I would rather paint our living room with Catherdral ceilings than paint a small bathroom. All those cuts, all those small spaces. I was contoring myself  just to get behind the toilet. 

Here are two pictures I took: (I am a dumbass and forgot the before picture)

Olive green kinda sorta.


Bathroom on the left, Master bedroom on the right. I took the door off because I gots skillz.


Painting the bathroom took all freakin’ day. I also repaired some of the ceiling and hung a cabinet in the other bathroom.

Chicks dig handy men.


4 Comments on “Bathroom Painting”

  1. dadshouse says:

    I totally judge you for making a bar before doing the bathroom stuff – IN A GOOD WAY! You are a man. Period.

    I agree it sucks painting small spaces. Oy. Nice work!


    • oshea12566 says:

      Thanks for the rendering a proper judgement. 🙂 I believe that hell for me would be painting a bathroom for eternity.


  2. chris says:

    Who’s handy??????


A good bartender always listens....

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