Snowicane 2010, Broken Saturn

Holy shit did it snow.

When I came home from work on Wednesday, Februaury 24, here is what I came home to:

Those are my foot prints.

..And this is before the real storm was schedule to hit. My little Jetta could not make it up this fucking hill that is the bane of my existence. I bought the house in the summer thinking 2 wheel drive will be fiiiinnnee…no worries…

I had to park my car in a neighbor’s driveway. Now, I never met this neighbor so I was hoping and praying they would’nt mind. I secured the wuss Jetta and then knocked on the door. A very nice older woman answered. I introduced myself as the fat guy that lives a few houses up the hill and that my name is Brian. I also asked if it would be o.k. if I parked at the top of her driveway as my car did not feel like climbing the hill today. She told me I can park there anytime and I promised to plow her driveway anytime it snows. She was thankful, as she was paying someone to do it. Got to love the barter system.

As a result of global warming, the power was out for 3 days. The standby generator worked like a charm. Did I mention I love my stand by generator? While everyone was in the dark, I was enjoying cold Killian’s on tap. Ok, not everyone was in the dark, truth be told most people on the mountain have a generator that plugs into the dryer outlet and backfeeds into the panel. Blah blah blah yeah yeah yeah, I want to be special dammit.

 The generator runs everything in the house except for: stove, microwave and central air. Those appliances draw waaay to much power, and I would have had to buy the next step up generator for a couple thousand more just to run the stove and than another grand for the A/C. Forget we can ” rough it”.

That is not “roughing it”


 Yes, thank you I realize that.  Where was I? Oh..roughing it..

So, it is rotissere for us! Set it and forget it during a power outage baby!

Oh and having the bar on a generator lets you have this:

Mudslides during a power outage!

And another kicker? Laurie’s beloved Saturn bit the dust. The engine decided it did not want to be engine anymore. Instead, it wants to be removed from the vehicle and melted down to be razor blades. So, on Sunday, my friend Joe (who happens to be the best mechanic in the world) did me a solid favor and followed me to his shop in case the Phaturn (that is what we call it, because we are uncool)…in case the Phaturn could not make it. Of course his shop was on top of mountain only accessible via mountain goat. The little engine that couldn’t, actually did make it-barely. The oil light came on:

I hate that oil light.

What about the storm you ask? I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

Please stop snowing.

A fort is a must during a blizzard. Yes, that is my Princess blanket. Don't judge.

Look what I made!

Overnight, the wind picked up and it was nasty as hell outside. So bad, we forced our  Siberian Husky to come in. Now, we know he could probably take it, but they are built for cold. The wind was to much and we felt bad leaving him out, it was a tough call. We decided him being 14 years old, it was time for him to come in wether he liked it or not. 

We tried to let him walk outside to pee, but the wind decided to dump 80 million pounds of snow on our front door. The snow was sticking to the door frame:

3am: Could not get out the front door to pee.


Front door was a no-go. Let’s try the garage:

Ok, Sierra, climb over the mound o' snow to pee.

WTF man? You kidding me? I am a Siberian..I am not built for this shit...oh wait a minute..

02:51 am: Made it outside whoo hoo!

Please stop snowing.

“That sure is alot of snow ya got there!”


Thank you Capt. Obvious. You are still a dick.

So, the next morning, it was time to plow out:

Even the plow with 350hp V-8 got stuck! AJ looking like a traffic cone.

Mini Bobsled track

Jetta was buried in there.

Snowberry beret...


Still not plowed yet

It was a bad storm, worst the area has had in 20 years or so. It also brought neighbors together, helping each other out. I think we have each dug each other’s vehicles out  more in 4 days than most other neighbors will their whole lives. Good times, good times.

That about says it all.


12 Comments on “Snowicane 2010, Broken Saturn”

  1. Woody says:

    Heck, looks like you had FUN in the storm! Good for you. Why get stressed out over shit you can’t change right?


  2. dadshouse says:

    Love the snow pics! I know you may not be loving all the snow shoveling and plowing, but I miss being in snow. Nice job on the bartering!


  3. Wicked slippery, awesome. Well, thanks to global warming, I’ll actually be taking the weed whacker to the lawn today.


  4. Oh, and Goodfather sent me an email awhile back saying he’d be coming back soon, but I haven’t heard from him since.


    • oshea12566 says:

      Thanks for getting back to me. His blog is very cool and I read the whole thing one day and was looking forwward to more posts from him, than he just disappeared. Hope he comes back soon.


  5. bluesuit12 says:

    I’m so so so so glad I don’t live there right now. When weather gets like that I go into a funk. Don’t want to get up, get dressed, or shower. I eat and sleep a lot. But the fort looks really cool and fun. Maybe if I did that, winter wouldn’t be so bad.


  6. Busy-Dad-E says:

    You just gotta love forts. Nice blankie. Do you have matching pink shoes? Great fun on a cold winter day.


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