We took Madaghan for her first bowling experience to Hoe Bowl in Walden. You read that right…”Hoe” Bowl.

Bud...NO Tap.

Bud available but nooooo tap.

 While searching for images of  Hoe Bowl, I discovered that Hoe Bowl is actually a chain. I thought the Walden location was the only one. Shows you how much I know. We arrived around 12 noon and made our way throught the nice parking lot. Inside, our eyes were  assaulted by wood paneling everywhere. To complete the “were-barely-hanging on” motif there was plastic patio chairs, one pool table, 3 out of date games and a sticker vending machine. If everyone was wearing bell bottoms, and the place was smoke filled, I would have sworn we time traveled to 1976. 

Not the one in Walden, but could be.

The one in Walden looks eerily similar to the picture of above. The only difference is the one in Walden has a nicer parking lot. Otherwise, this building from the 1970s is it.

Madaghan did really well and seem to enjoy herself.  She had her own special green, extra light ball.  She started off with some metal apparatus that I imagine people in wheel chairs use to bowl . It was about her shoulder

Not Madaghan

height, and she placed the ball on top and pushed it down the lane. 

 She even scored a strike! All that combined with the bumpers made Maddie a happy girl.  In the second game, Maddie forgot the metal ramp all together and just threw the ball down the lane with a vengence.

A few words about Hoe Bowl in Walden. It seems a nice enough place. The potential is there. An update here, an update there and it’ll rival most alleys.. It is not all that hard to replace wood paneling. The mechanic is wonderful. How often does one say that about their local bowling alley? Maddie got her fingers jammed between two bowling balls and was crying. He came to the rescue with ice in a zip lock bag. Nice touch, impressive.  If it was not for him, we would probably not be going back there.


The other employees. There were not mean, not at all. They were not anything. The ladies were barely polite, barely acknowledging any customers. No smiles, no friendly “Hello’s”. Nothing. Felt as if we were bothering them from hanging out in the back room. Embroidered on their black collared shirts was:” Hoe Bowl, Family Fun Center”. Really? I mean, really? At least smile. I know the economy sucks, Massachusetts is now Republican, the world is upside down. But, can you fake it? I bet it sucks to be at work on a Saturday. In fact, I know it does. Been there, done it. I realize you might be having a bad day. However, you chose to be in the “Family Entertainment” business. So smile dammit.


14 Comments on “Bowling!”

  1. Yikes, this is exactly the kind of place that gives me the chills and makes me nervous. I can just imagine the really bad florescent lighting too. Can’t blame the HoeBowl hoes. I mean…LADIES.

    My upcoming high school reunion is in a bowling alley. But a retro one in Philly that is somewhat trendy now.
    If it weren’t for that fact I’d run screaming. I suck so bad at bowling. Guess I’m only going to drink anyway.


    • oshea12566 says:

      The place was not creepy, but just 70s-ish. The lighting was very institutional. I just wish the Hoe Bowl ladies were just a skoach nicer. Your reuninon is in a bowling alley? Drink up.


  2. lisa says:

    It’s not a creepy place at all…they are just a little understaffed. we went there on another night and it was friendly…maybe you just caught them on a bad night.

    I know that it’s called HoeBowl because the lady who owns it has the last name of Hoe. It’s amazing how many people read something sleazy into it, when it’s not…it’s been a family owned business for more than 50 years.


    • oshea12566 says:

      Thanks for the info Lisa. I figured the name was a Surname. It is definently not creepy, otherwise I would not have brought my daughter there. I am just saying that if the employees’ atitudes were more like that of the mechanic, I am willing to bet the place would be hell of alot more popular. Of course that is easier said than done as everyone can have a bad day.


  3. Busy-Dad-E says:

    I’m glad Maddie had a good time. Bowling is quite fun, excepting the tobacco smell. Thanks for getting Raffi’s “I Like To Go Bowling” song stuck in my head.

    I’m still laughing at “Hoe Bowl”. Sounds like a bad college football bowl game. Sponsored by Axe for Men?


  4. dadshouse says:

    Call the HoeBowl pimp and have him straighten those Family Entertainment workers out!

    I love the giant bowling pin in that one pic. Fun times


  5. bluesuit12 says:

    I love bowling. I went a few weeks ago with my dad and sister and bowled a 203 the first game. Glad to hear Maddie had fun. The name makes me laugh, it goes well with the looks of the place.


  6. chris says:

    your saying that all it needs is an upgrade huh?……perhaps you can help them out when you finish the bar………IF you finish the bar……..ARE YOU EVER going to finish the bar?
    Maybe they started upgrading and work just as fast as you !!!!!


  7. […] much has changed since I went there back in January. Employees are still very nice, greet with a smile, offered Madaghan a super light ball,  and […]


  8. […] 3 of my loyal readers might recall by harsh review of Hoe Bowl. This visit however, was vastly […]


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