Weight Loss Battle part 2 (WLBII) Update

So I measured myself last night on the Nintendo Wii Fit.  The result is I lost 4 pounds. I could not believe it. So, I did the body test again. Same result. Maybe something is finally working? Perhaps my cutting back of junk food and soda is starting to take effect?

What I am doing? I work out twice a day. There is a gym at work that I use everyday for 20 minutes to half hour lifting free weights working on one muscle group a day. Then, when I get home I bust out the Wii Fit and do half hour aerobics, or strength training or both. Finally, I box using Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout.

Thats me in the background.


This is me running. Only male...and white....and fatter.

The Wii is harder than it looks, especially when you’re fat. It is a workout, and so far working for me. 

50 pounds to go.


4 Comments on “Weight Loss Battle part 2 (WLBII) Update”

  1. Busy-Dad-E says:

    Congrats! Keep up the good work! Posting your results on the blog is a great way to hold yourself accountable, and will help you succeed.

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ll enjoy following yours as well.


    • oshea12566 says:

      That is exactly why I post the results. It is extra incentive to get the pounds down. I like the “cheering on” I get from the results. When I go to eat say…Taco Bell (my arch enemy)… I think about how that will effect the results that everyone will see. I feel like my “audience” will be disappointed.


  2. jeanmarie says:

    keep on truckin’ good buddy!


    • oshea12566 says:

      I am getting there. It is easier this second time around. Not craving the Taco Bell or any fast food for some reason. Thanks for the support!


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