Two Firsts For One Four…………year old.

I wanted to share with you two firsts Madaghan had experienced recently.
First, is her first picture- Madaghan, some day when you read this blog, you will come across this picture and ask :” Why the hell did my father post that?” Well, my dear Princess, the answers is:
This picture is your first drawing with no one helping you. Your first circle, first…glasses? (I think)….first feet…first sideways moustache.
Well done, little one. Well done.

Looks just like her Dad

Second first is Madaghan’s Jeep:

Independent suspension....on a Jeep?...That's not right.

No doors. Enter a la Dukes of Hazzard.

Yes....the radio works AND it has Hi, Lo, and Reverse.

Taking it for a spin.

Pretty soon she will be cruising the streets of Pine Bush with her beautiful mama. I have a headache already.

Looking forward to many more firsts! Hope you continue to join us!


4 Comments on “Two Firsts For One Four…………year old.”

  1. aunt diane says:

    i was thinking tongue and not mustache… or perhaps a really big nose… NICE GOIN MADAGHAN… soon she will be pickin up some dudes in that jeep you better watch out


  2. bluesuit12 says:

    Nice pic – I’m fairly confident her circle is much better than I could have done. I didn’t get my first vehicle until I was in my twenties and it was a piece of total crap, I’m jealous.


    • oshea12566 says:

      Yeah her circle was impressive. That was the first one she drew on her own. What kind of car was your first one? Mine was a 1980 Buick Regal. Oh yeah…stand back ladies.


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