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Bedtime or as it is referred to in the O’Shea Estates: ” Madaghan Get to Bed; I am not kidding this time!!”

Madaghan, age 4, has reached the Age of Enlightenment.  She has decided that night time is the right time for a Miller. She took it upon herself to decide that sleep is just not her thing and she ain’t gonna do it now way no how.

Here is how it is supposed to go down:

  • 7:00 pm Bath
  • 7:30 dry off brush teeth blow dry air upside down. More on that later.
  • 7:45 Story time with Mama.
  • 8:00 Maddie closes her eyes and sleeps until 7am.

That does not happen. Ever.  Here is reality:

  • 7:15 Bath- dinner ran long.
  • 7:45 Fight with Madaghan to get her to do…well..anything that resembles teeth brushing and blow drying hair. Mostly it is her touching anything she is not supposed to.
  • 8:05 Story time
  • 8:30 Fill Milk ba ba for second time
  • 8:35 Have to go potty
  • 8:40 Kiss number one
  • 8:45 Out of bed because..well..I do not know why.
  • 8:55 Kiss number two
  • 9:00 Kiss number three
  • 9:15 “Is she asleep”? I don’t know..have not heard from her
  • 9:16 “Nope, she removed all her covers and is running around her room doing laps.”
  • 9:17: “It is late! Get to bed!”
  • 9:20: Potty again
  • 9:30-? Falls asleep somehow.

It is time to pull out all the stops. Time to enact the Super Nanny clause in the O’Shea Estates. That means, after story time and kiss number one, bed and stay in bed. Going to grab a chair and sit in the hallway and when she gets out of bed, pick her up and put her back in bed. Of course, Maddie is smart and will be pulling out the “potty” excuse. Not sure what to do there, will take it as it comes.

I t is going to be hard, but must be done for our own sanity and hers. When Mama is not happy-Nobody is happy!. Rules must be set, and must be adhered to by the child, enforced by the parent. This is going to suck. But I am up for it and Maddie needs to learn to stay in bed. Otherwise we might go to sleep only to wake up and find her outside riding the tractor singing” All the single ladies!! All the single ladies”. And I will be hauled off to jail by Child Services.

Problem for is the fact we both work. I get up at 4 am, Laurie gets up every two hours for whatever the Madaghan needs. We need our sleep and dedicating a whole night to battle a 4 year old and going to work the next day is not something either of us is looking forward to.  I think it will have to be done by me because, well I get 39 vacation days a year. (Don’t hate the player, hate the game.)  This battle will have to commence on a Friday night so I won’t have to use one of those 39 days. But if I have to, I will. 

If she gets out of bed 100 times, I need to put her back to bed 101 times. I only need to outlast her by one.


2 Comments on “Bedtime”

  1. Jennifer O'Shea says:

    Sooo funny! Oh I remember the days! My once 4year old is now 18 and a senior in H.S. When Kaitlyn was 2 yrs. old, I decided I had to break her of her terrible habit of having mommy lay with her until she went to sleep. OHH that was hard. The first night I laid down the ground rules to her, put her in her bedroom with a portable gate up to the door so I could still hear what was going on but she could not get out. Then I went into my bedroom across hall and shut my door so she couldn’t see me, but giving her the message that EVERYONE was going to sleep at that time. When I left the room, she screamed at the top of her lungs for quite a while. Oh it was pure torture for me to listen! When I couldn’t take it any longer, I lunged towards the door to open it and my husband put his foot in front of the door and wouldn’t let me open it. I was sure we were scaring her psyche for life! I actually argued with my husband that he was being “mean” by ignoring her cries. After 45 mins. no more noise came from her room. I quietly crept into her room to check on her, she was sound asleep. There were Red pok-a-dots all over her face from her screaming fits powered by her shear will. But fortunately it was my husbands will that won that night- and from then on Kaitlyn accepted bedtime by herself without a fight. So hang in there and stand strong! (BTW- found your blogsite while googling the O’Shea name- here’s to the O’Shea fam’s – we have 3 children , 20,18, and 15. They all turned out to be great kids and human beings.


    • oshea12566 says:

      Hey Jennifer! Welcome to the blog. I hope you stop by often!
      The kids love to test the boundries don’t they? Love to test our will power. Irish will power at that. I raise a glass to your husband and glad he passed the will test. Happy to hear things worked out…there is hope! 🙂 Where are you guys from?


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