The Water Source Terrible Service

Anyone thinking of getting a Kinetico Water Filtration system from The Water Source? DONT!! Sure, they’ll be nice to get their product into your home, but what happens after that? They got you by the you know whats. Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Kiteco:

Dear Sir or Madam:

When I purchased my reverse osmosis system I was assured that getting replacement filters would not be a problem. That was a few years ago. This is what happened today:

On December 24th at 9:30am, I called my Water Professional located in the Wappingers Falls Office at (845) 297-1600. I informed the representative that I wished to order replacement filters. Immediately, I was transferred to another representative’s voicemail.  The first representative’s tone was extremely rude and she did not listen to a word I said. To me, that customer service representative could care less about your customers.
Interesting side note I saw this on thier website::

“The Water Source, we’re all one big family concerned about YOUR water issues”

Perhaps your representative needs to be reminded of what is on the website?

I called back thinking she may have transferred me on accident. When I started to explain my situation-that I have been trying to order filters for a few days now-she transferred me again. With a quick, dismissive :”hold o-” she did even complete the word “on” before she transferred me.  Problem is,this time she knew “Jaime” was not at her desk and I would be sent to voicemail. Why could she not take my order over the phone? Is this is your idea of one big “family” concerned about my water issues?

Ordering replacement filters for your Reverse Osmosis product should not be this difficult. I am ashamed and appalled at the level of service I recieved by your company’s representatives working at the Wappingers Falls office. I have always bragged to family and friends about my water filtration system and how the guys were great.

What happened today? Perhaps they were angry at having to work on Christmas Eve? I am not sure.

1/4/2010 UPDATE:

As of January 4th 2010, I have yet to recieve filters from my Wappingers Falls Family. I called the office today.

1:07 Spoke with Anne-Marie. She told me that I had to speak with Jaime. All I wanted to know was how the filters were shipped (USPS, UPS, FED EX?) and what the tracking number is. Anne-Marie stated: “That is not my department.” Wow. Some family.

1:10 Called back as soon as I said hello Anne Marie (Or Jaime?) switched me to Jaime’s voicemail. Again.

1:16 Called back yet again. Spoke with Anne Marie and she stated that the office has been closed for days, phones have been ringing off the hook, and the filters are back ordered. My filters should arrive in two days. How does she know they will be at my house in two days? She can not even tell me how they were shipped.
I left a message on Jaime’s voicemail. I am interested to see if she calls me back.

Honestly, why is it so difficult to obtain filters for a product I purchased from you? Is this your way of telling me to do business elsewhere?


Brian O’Shea


A good bartender always listens....

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