Let it Snow

Not to often everyone south of Rt.  84 gets snow dumped on them while we sit pretty with a dusting.
Take a look at my driveway:

Here is my driveway

See? Like Yukon Cornelius says:” Nuthin’ ”

Long Island got 83″ of snow I think. This does not happen all to often so I’ll take it.

Still, I plowed the driveway. Why? I did not want that white stuff to turn to ice or we get hit with another storm next week and this layer freezes, Fed Ex guy thinks it is lava,  blah blah blah…

For my new readers, here is my snow plow toy:

You can read on how it came to be I got this thing by clicking HERE.

Bring on the snow,bitch!

Side view...and the Jetta with it's delicate ass being all lazy in the garage.


A good bartender always listens....

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