Wine Tour 2009

Let me apologize in advance for this hazy post about the wine tour. You see ,I do not remember much. I know this: I was cognizant and I was functional. Sort of.

It all started when the guests arrived and we were mingling down in the bar. YES! My bar actually served its purpose. We had drinks, and a bit of food. It was great. If we stayed there the whole time I would’ve been a happy chubby guy. There was about 10 or12 perhaps even elventeen people in my cozy little bar.  I was even making drinks. Ok, one drink in particular was a big hit. Click here to find out what it was. Anyway, on my 3rd glass of said drink I was tasked with getting on the phone and helping the driver find our house.(shouldn’t it be illegal for professional drivers NOT to have GPS?) I was also tasked with the money stuff. I guess my wife had a few too.

Once we boarded the bus, we took our seats and that is all I remember.

The End.

Here are some pics to remind me:

It was all downhill from here on out.

 Notice the beer in my hand for a wine tour. Idiot.

Moving on…

Our second (or third?) stop.

Linda enjoying the snow at one of wineries to be named later.

I remember this one!! It is The Brotherhood Winery. Go me. and go Doug and Shaun with those hats.

Ok, so this where things went a-rye. I remember leaving one of the wineries, and getting on the bus and told to sit. The rest is history:

My wife Laurie bringing out the guns.

Work it girl!

The bus had a stripper pole in the middle. Not just any pole mind you. One made from real plumber shit. Like they went to Home Depot and slapped it together that morning. Worked tho.


7 Comments on “Wine Tour 2009”

  1. Woody says:

    That’s your WIFE? On a stripper pole? F-ing awesome dude!


  2. Love the face on the chick in red. Looks like she didn’t know your wife had it in her!


  3. Eddie says:

    Looks like you had a lovely time. I wish we did it in the cold. I did it once last summer, and it was 103 degrees in Northern California that day. 103 degrees in Napa and Sonoma valley. It felt like the setting for London Broil. At the end of the tour I was praying that my hotel had a triage unit for the burns that I got on my scalp, face, legs and arms. My saving grace? My girlfriend was kind enough to drink about 90% of my wine…


    • oshea12566 says:

      Wine tour in the cold has a certain aura about…plus when it was snowing it was very cool. Sorry you got sunburned. At least you were drunk AND sunburned.


  4. […] at our house, have pre game drinks in the bar, hop onto a nice party bus and hit the wineries.   JUST LIKE LAST YEAR   This year’s plans fell apart because the limo company had all there cars pulled off the […]


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