Bar Build 033

Finally some work done?

Nope. ….but I did compile a list of stuff that needs to be done:

  • Floor has to go down
  • Pellet Stove moved 4ft to the right
  • Knee wall around stove built
  • Knee wall around stove drywalled
  • Knee wall around stoved covered in stone
  • A/V wiring
  • Speakers in the ceiling
  • Bench Built
  • Drywall behind bar hung
  • Drywall behind bar covered in felt and metal  lathe
  • Drywall behind bar covered in stone
  • Backsplash covered in stone
  • Shelf around perimeter of room installed
  • Crown molding under shelf installed
  • Trim out bar
  • Change bathroom door

Yup, that sure is a crap load of stuff that needs to get done on Saturdays.  I am thinking of farming the drywall stuff out. All the DIY forums I read about bar building and Home Theater building all have farmed out the drywall is very much worth the extra expense.

Two items left off the list:

  • French door
  • Ceiling. 

Why were they left in the Land of Misfit Projects? Simple. Those items are so far down the road I can not even see them. We will start having parties and people over before those two are off the punch list. I mean seriously..does anyone give a rat’s ass about the ceiling? Really? I am guessing no. Maybe the grand opening party will be  themed:  “Ceiling Not Quite Done Party”


2 Comments on “Bar Build 033”

  1. Woody says:

    I know what you mean Brian. Once the arcade was done I stopped working and here we are a year and a half later and I still haven’t put door pulls on the bifold doors.


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