Seattle PD

I am happy Maurice Clemmons is dead. If there is a hell, I hope he is currently on fire.


Clemmons killed 4 Seattle PD officers:

Lakewood Police officers Greg Richards (top left), Mark Renninger (top right), Tina Griswold (bottom right) and Ronald Owens (bottom left) were shot and killed at a coffee shop in Parkland, Wash., on Sunday.

Six days after posting bail in Washington on charges of raping a child, Clemmons walked into the coffee shop in Parkland, Wash., a suburb a few miles south of Tacoma, and killed four uniformed Lakewood police officers as they caught up on paperwork on their laptops, police said.

This animal posted bail on charges of raping a child. BAIL! WTF man? Cops do the investigative work, collar this animal, put him in a cage and morons let him out. Than due to stupidity of said morons, cops get killed.

How did the animal die? This is from

The officer was driving in a working-class neighborhood of south Seattle at about 2:45 a.m. when he came across a stolen car, its engine running, Assistant Seattle Police Chief Jim Pugel said.

As he sat in his cruiser, beginning paperwork on the car, he sensed movement, turned and saw someone approaching, Pugel said. The officer stepped out and immediately recognized the man, whose face had been all over TV and mugshot fliers memorized by every officer in the region.

The patrolman ordered Clemmons to freeze and show his hands, but he kept moving, and the officer fired several rounds, hitting the man at least twice, Pugel said.

Moments later, Maurice Clemmons, 37, lay dead in the street, shot by the patrolman after Clemmons made a move for a gun he had taken from one of the slain officers, police said.

The suspect had a lengthy criminal record. In 1989 he was given a 95-year sentence in Arkansas for offences including robbery and bringing a gun to school. He was later given clemency by then-state governor Mike Huckerbee.

So in 1989 Arkansas cops put this animal away and liberal genious Mike Huckerbee thought it would be a good idea to give him a second (or third or fourth) chance.

 I hope Mike Huckerbee- from here on in referred to as fuckface-thinks of the children those cops left behind. I hope Fuckface gets raped in the ass by an angry gorilla. Twice.


A good bartender always listens....

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