Sierra’s Day Out.

Sierra escaped.

This is why I run.

We discovered he was missing around 7pm. Went out to feed him and he was not anywhere to be found. I called all the neighbors and Doug came out with his flashlight and we scoured the woods.  I walked down the street and talked to one one of my neighbors and he said he saw a Husky going down the block around 2pm. He tried to get him to come into his car, but Sierra took off.  Sierra had a 5 hour head start. Dammit. He is gone.
When I returned home, I hopped into the car and drove around the neighborhood hoping to catch him running (please be running)  along side of the road, or hanging out with somone on their porch. No such luck and I returned home.
It was now 10pm and AJ called to give me the direct number to the dog warden. So, I called the dog warden..just to report him missing and take a shot in the dark someone returned him. I made the report, he was nice, asked a bunch of question about Sierra and I hung up and was preparing to post something on Criag’s List.
Around 10:30, the dog warden called back to let me know Sierra is in the pound. Could not believe it! Super Duper was found! He was picked up right down the block on the nice old couple’s porch who was thought Sierra was going to kill them. Little did they know, all he would do is lick them to death. But if you do not know Sierra, he looks like he could kick some ass:

Damn right.

Yup. I will kick ass when I need to.

Welcome to my crib yo.

Anyway on with the story. I was informed that I could pick Sierra up in the morning when the pound opens at 9am. 

The next morning, AJ& I arrived at the pound and the woman working there said that there is no husky. I was a bit confused. Perhaps I had the wrong pound? No, turns out the woman answered the question before she did her rounds and after a quick look in the back, she returned to tell me a nice husky was waiting to be picked up.  I took him home and lectured him about how he should appreciate what he has, grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, and the pound sucks. Hell, they did not know he was even there. I think he was happy to be going home.

So, when I got him home, Laurie made an appointment for a mobile dog groomer.  See, when a shedding husky trapes through the woods for hours, they return looking like a husky that was trapsing through the woods for hours.

Since Sierra was not stressed out enough, we figured we would end his day with some more torture:

Mobile torture unit.

At least he is singing.

We tried to make ourselves a new dog.

WTF man?


3 Comments on “Sierra’s Day Out.”

  1. Woody says:

    Glad he was found safe and sound. Dogs are family too.


  2. pppffffhahahaa that last photo is a keeper!


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