Holy Rock Batman

A while ago I called Joe Monell of Monell Excavating about removing a rock in my driveway. He told me to just wait until he starts construction on the house across the street so that way his machines will already be on site and I’ll save some money.  You read  that right. A business man looking out for his customers. Thought they were extinct…. He could have easily came up to the house, charged 300-400 bucks and called it a day. Instead, he asked if I could wait a month or two and he will remove it for much less.

Yesterday was that day.


Like pulling teeth


My little Kubota ran and hid in shame.


Stupid rock. I hate you.


Almost out. Hey..Did you know that rocks are heavy?


Someone buried a Volkswagen in my driveway


In the driveway it'll stay.


Can't lift it? Roll it. Like a rolling stone...


Rock's new home for the next 100 years.

That rock has pain a thorn in my side since I bought the house. It looked like a white head pimple on the face of my driveway. I am so glad it is gone. Ok, not gone but moved over into the woods. Next to the well. Maybe I will decorate it for each holiday.  Thanks Joe!!


One Comment on “Holy Rock Batman”

  1. […] stone to make it more of a curve, we’ll see how this goes for now. I also filled in where the giant boulder that was removed left an indent.  You can also see Laurie’s vegetable garden in the background; plants covered […]


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