Laurie and Brian’s Christmas Wishes

It’s that time again. It is November 5th already?? Feels like August 44th. Some of you have started your Christmas shopping early, so I hope this reaches the early birds in time.

I compiled a short list of stuff Laurie and I want for Christmas.  All of the following can be found by clicking on our AMAZON.COM wish list button on the righ-hand side of the screen.  Anything purchased off that list will be loved and cherished forever and this will be my reaction:

We are now officially the easiest people to shop for. I can prove it- I have the award.

captain-obvious2No one gives a shit what you want!

Hush up.

Laurie really really wants car seat covers for the Saturn Vue. The seats have been destroyed over the years from baby puke to chicken wings sauce. She is tired of looking at the stains and short of buying new seats, this is the way to go:

car seat covers

Laurie's Christmas Wish

Purchase them here:

OK, here is what I really really want for Christmas:

Touch Screen Monitor

For 'da Jukebox

This touch screen monitor is for the jukebox. So when in the bar one may step up to it and select a tune just like in a real bar jukebox-only no money needed.

It is around 370 bucks which I realize is alot of scratch. Perhaps two (or 3?) groups of parental units can get together and activate their wonder twin powers?  Nothing wrong with only having one gift to open on Christmas. Trust me, I do not mind watching everyone else open lotsa presents when my version of Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle at my side.

You can buy it here:

Turtle Beach Sound Card

Fancy Shamncy Sound Card

This Turtle Beach Montego sound card connects my computer to my reciever. What is so fancy shamncy about it? It has a digital output. Basicly when it connects to the reciever, it sounds kick ass.  It is around 60 bucks.

You can buy it here:


I pod docking station

I pod docking station


The Ipod Docking station will be a cool addition to the jukebox. The back of the docking station connects to the juke box. The front part is installed in the wall. When people come over, they can plug their I Pod in and listen to their own playlist through the jukebox! How cool is that?

You can buy it for us here:

There is alot more shit to buy when you click on the wish list button. So if these are too expensive, check out the list!


2 Comments on “Laurie and Brian’s Christmas Wishes”

  1. Woody says:

    Good luck Brian. I keep hinting that I want a Super mario Brothers pinball machine, but all I get is eye rolling and “riiiiight”.

    I’ve been a good boy, so I don’t get it.


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