11 Pounds

Last night Laurie and I got back from Long Island. Again.  We went down for Halloween and a Christening. (More on those two events in the next post.)

I wanted to share with you that I ate good..but not great.Could have been much more betterer.  I managed to stay away from the Halloween candy which was actually easy to do. 


No. No bullshit. I really did stay away from it. Scout’s honor. 

We went to Outback Steakhouse for Laurie’s brother’s Birthday. He turned 40 by the way. So, Dave if you are reading this, everyone knows you are FOUR TEE.  On with my story: I ordered the Talapia with mashed potatoes. No fries! And..and… I did not partake in my usual Blooming Onion feast. Notice I used the words “My Blooming Onion”….that is because I would 90% of the one that arrives at the table a la fat bastard style. Did you know that one Blooming Onion has about 3,000 calories?  That’s like a month’s worth of food in one sitting! I had three little pieces and that was it.





I am going to stick that flag where the sun don’t shine.

Blooming Onion and Sarlacc pitt

Does anyone else think the Blooming Onion kind of looks like the Scarlacc Pit from Return of the Jedi? Just askin’.

The Blooming Heart Attack On A Plate was not hard to give up. Over and over in my head all I kept hearing was that bitch’s voice on the Wii Fit. “That’s Obese!”  Followed by:  ” If you eat that, you’ll have to run to Jueau, Alaska just to burn that off.”  With those thoughts in mind, it was easy not to grab another handful of deep fried onion goodness.

Also, I only had two pieces of bread instead of my usual entire loaf just for me.  Small victories.

I did not keep track of what the hell I was eating the other two days. One night we had fresh seafood. Holy shit on a shingle is it good. I had coconut shrimp like it was the last batch ever to be made. I drank two sodas over the last four days. I did not like the first one, it was two sweet. Why the second one you ask? I wanted to like soda.  We did not have any lemon juice for our waters, so I wanted something to go along with my shrimp. Happy to report that I did not finish the soda and pretty sure I am done with it all together.

I was so afraid to get on the Wii Fit when I got home, I did not want to know the damage I inflicted on myself. Wii Fit informed me I lost two pounds. Whoo Hoo! I am good with that. I did not eat very well and I was sure I would be +5lbs..but  I am down another 2!


2 Comments on “11 Pounds”

  1. Jeanmarie says:

    Whoo Hoo way to go fat man! You are turning a corner, soda not tasting good, thinking the bloomin’ onion looked like Scarlacc pit from return of the jedi, whoo hoo you are starting to beat the crave young man and there will be no turning back. the weight will start droppin’. skinny days ahead. Watch out Maddie, daddy’s gonna start catching you! 🙂


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