9 pounds

What the hell? I have been eating right, doing cardio for 30 minutes a day and I gained 2 pounds over the last 2 days? (See October 27th and 28th  on the right hand side of the page ) Total net loss now is only 9 pounds. Are you kidding me?  WTF man?? When the scale goes the wrong way,disappointment sets in, and you start asking “why bother with this shit?”  

But than I read on Escape from Obesity by Lyn:

A lot of people give up and quit their “diets” when they hit a plateau. They work their plan but don’t see results on the scale. They see the same number, week after week, and finally throw up their hands in disgust and eat a cheesecake. After all, why work so hard when you’re not getting any results? Therein lies the fallacy. When you are eating healthy, you are ALWAYS getting results. You are changing your body chemistry. The changes on the INSIDE are making you healthier and preparing your body to drop the weight that will then reflect that better health on the OUTSIDE. Patience is not an easy thing to learn. Neither is perseverance. But if we want to reach our goals, we simply can’t quit.

Well,  I won’t quit. I will understand changes are happening on the inside as well. Most of you that know me, know I have zero patience for well…most things. I want it and I want it now. I want to be 200 pounds now!! Weight loss does not work this way, it is a lifestyle change. Not only do I have to fight the Crave, now I have a new enemy: Patience. 

If I loose too many Crave Battles my fat ass will be going through the Taco Bell drive through on a Scooter store special. Like this lady:

Taco Bell Drive Through

This will be me in five years

Taco Bell Drive Through2

Off I go!

When you are too fat to walk and you need a scooter to get your quasi-food, perhaps that is the time to try something else? I am just askin’.

In case you are wondering, I did not take these pictures. I did not loose the Crave Battle and head on out to Taco Bell. I got them from Google Images

If I did loose the battle, it would look  more like this:

The Crave

No, that is not me. But it could be.

I do not want to wind up like the woman on the scooter in the drive thru. I do not want to end up like the guy in the picture above. Although, he does look like he had some fun before he went to White Castle. He’ll taste those burgers again in the morning I am sure. Been there, done that, have the T shirt.

So, I will keep at it. Maybe this is my body’s pattern..gain a pound, loose two. Who knows, but I am tracking the caloric intake and weight daily. Stay tuned.


A good bartender always listens....

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