11 Pounds Lost

Q: How do you know when you are fat?

A: When you loose 11 pounds and nobody notices.

According to my handy dandy trusty scale, I weigh 246. A full 11 pounds lighter than when I started. I successfully removed one 10 pound barbell from my “backpack” I carry around. Ok, it is more like a “frontpack” but you get the idea. My pants are looser, and I have to go one extra hole on the belt.

I hear the first 10 pounds is the easiest, it is only water weight, blah blah blah. Well not for me. I wage war against the Evil Crave everyday and have been winning. The eleven pounds I lost was not as easy for me as it would be for others. 

Others do not crave fast food like I somtimes do:

That guy knows how I feel.

Umm..4 Taco Supremes..to go.Or to stay...whatever is easiest for you guys.

When the Crave hits, it hits like a deranged linebacker on cocaine. My feet go numb, my head aches, I get a bit dizzy. I used to think I might be a diabetic and my body was reacting to low blood sugar. No such luck.  I’m, just plain ol’ fat.  



How did I loose 12 pounds? Want to know the secret?  No diet pills. No secret gimmick only available for a limited time so order now. I am counting calories on Sparkpeople.com, and working out on the Nintendo Wii everday after work. One day aerobics, the next day boxing. Oh and drink water. Than drink some more. Then some more.  I feel like I am trying to be the first human to drown on land but the water helps with the Crave Battle. Water helps me feel full, curbs the headaches and fainty feeling I get when I don’t scarf down 4 taco supremes.  What is that by the way? My body is chemicaly addicted to sour cream and if it does not get it right now it punishes me with a headache?? Time to be retrained my fat friend.


3 Comments on “11 Pounds Lost”

  1. Eugene says:

    Good Job Bri, keep up the good work. You will be back to your old self in no time.


  2. Lyn says:

    Allright, here I am! Where’s my tea?

    Congrats on the loss! I know it sucks that no one notices on us “big folk.” I lost over 50 pounds before my own HUSBAND said, “hey, have you lost some weight?”

    Thanks for all your support over on my blog. I appreciate it 🙂


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