Sparkle People

I lost 4 pounds! I got home yesterday from work, donned my workout crap and since it was snowing that meant no jogging walking.  I am not sure how I lost the 4 pounds, it has only been one day. Probably water weight or whatever the first five pounds is referred to. Does not matter! It was a step in the right direction.

It got me thinking, “how do you know you are fat?” and I think I have two good answers. One is when you loose five pounds and there is zero change in appearance, zero change in how your clothes fit. The other is when the cashier at Taco Bell knows who you are. That my friends is faaaaaat.

I signed up at, a website that tracks my calories for free. I enter my height,  my weight, and they provide me with my target daily calories intake, daily reports.

The website has two features I really like. One is that they include all fast food chain in their vast datbase of foods. If I loose the Craving Battle, I can plug  in “Taco Bell Hard Taco Supreme” (times 3) and check how much damage I did to the caloric intake for the day.  In the past when I lost the Battle even once, the devil sat on my shoulder and chanted:” oh, you blew it, now it does not matter…go ahead and get a Big Mac meal deal…start over tomorrow” Now, I say kiss my ass. With the help from the website, I can regroup and maybe go light on dinner and still be under the calorie count for the day. Or be over by just a little bit.  Ok OK a lotta bit.

The other feature I like is you can add foods  that are not already in the database. You name the food, and then fill in the provided blank nutrition label and then the new food gets added to your favorites.


A good bartender always listens....

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