Dinner TVs

Last night was TV Dinner night for the first time. Madaghan had been asking Laurie for “Dinner TVs” and we promised if she was good, we’ll have TV Dinner Night. “Noooo Dinner TVs!!” Maddie would correct in the way only a soon to be 4 year old can.

Laurie brought home Hunry-Man Chicken for her and Kid Cuisine Popcorn Chicken for Maddie.  Maddie thought she cool as ice eating from her very own little tray. Something about having the food each in its own little compartment. She even fought the urge to eat the pudding. Or was it a brownie? I am not sure. Looked like shit to me to be honest.

The girls ate their Dinner TVs in front of the TV of course while watching Madagascar 2. Maddie had a great time, and dinner was not begging her to eat. But these things are a treat, not a norm.

What did I have you ask? I ate Lemon Founder with 2 scoops of rice and 1 pat of butter, water to drink. No crave battles fought at dinner. Even before my new found quest I would not touch those gawd awful TV Dinners.


A good bartender always listens....

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