I made it home yesterday without stopping anywhere. No little Big Mac snack before dinner.

Here is the battle I wage against myself daily:

Just one taco, you are already fat what is one more meal gonna do? You really did not want to start this  fight until tomorrow anyway . No one has read your blog yet, just get off of this exit, Taco Bell is right down the street. You want a #3 Taco Supreme meal with a Cherry Pepsi please. Small, because you do not want to be a glutton. Since you are already having one, might as well have the whole meal right? It is a meal deal right?

Happy to report I did not stop.  Made it home. I think that little voice inside my head is the devil trying to kill me with sour creamy goodness. I beat him today, tomorrow who knows.

Fighting these cravings is an everyday battle. More accurately, it is a battle fought hour to hour. Constent tempation abounds me. In fact just this morning at work, someone dropped a Coconut Bun on my desk. A nice one too, from Chinatown. Oh well, can’t win them all.


A good bartender always listens....

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