Why I am fat Weight: 260 lbs.

 Inspired by  Escape from Obesity

 “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.”- I have no idea.

I forgot what it is like to be thin. Forgot what it is like to tie my shoes without getting winded. Forgot what it is like to be able to swim more than 2 laps without feeling like I dragged a semi up a hill.  Forgot what is like to look into a mirror and see a swimmer’s build.

Now, I am 5’10 260 lbs of slop. An extra 100 pounds on top of a thin person. For you thin people go grab four 25  lb dumbells, stick them in a backpack and where it over your stomach. Now go run. Or climb stairs. Tie your shoes. I am not seeking pity or sympathy, just wanted to show you how I feel daily.

I got this way through no one’s fault but my own.  But,how did I get this way? One oh so delicious gift from the gods Big Mac to many?  Well, not just one. But it is that one moment, that split second when one decides that a Big Mac is worth whatever consequences it brings… it is the hundreds of times in ten plus years when one Big Mac, one taco supreme, does not seem all that harmful… it is the accumulation of 500 tacos, 300 Big Macs, 700 Cokes, 800 chocolate chip cookies, … over a ten year span, that got me to where I am. Each instance is small. Just one Chalupa. Just for today. Add them up and you get to be 130 pounds overweight. In each and every instance, I chose a Meximelt here, baked ziti there over my health. I am a fucking fat bastard. Proof:

Last one on the left. The fat one.

I am tired of being tired all the time. Tired of the blood pressure pills and the sleep apnea machine. Tired of not being able to chase Madaghan, tired of only having one or two pairs of pants that fit. Tired of not fitting into my uniform.Tired of losing the fight against the Taco Bell, McDonald’s, pizza cravings on a daily basis. Tired of hearing that bitch on Wii Fit say:” That’s Obese” I hate her.

Well, no more. By putting this fight onto this blog, somehow it makes it all the more real. Along with my goal of being able to chase Madaghan around the backyard, publishing this fight gives me one more weapon in my arsenal. Somehow if I stop at Taco Bell or eat to many cheese ravioli’s, I will be letting my audience down.

How am I going to loose weight? I am trying the Put the Damn Fork Down Diet. No pills, no weight loss secrets only found on TV. I am going to watch what I eat, pay attention to calories, Wii fit every night, walk, light weight lifting, generally stop being a lazy fat ass. Oh! and drink water and nothing but water. The occasional beer aside, no more soda, juice, juice mixed with water, coffee. No more snacks. No more eating after 7pm.  No more eating anything that comes from a drive thru.  I will weigh myself on the first of every month and that is the weigh that gets published on this blog. 

Ready? This bullshit fat tired lifestyle ends here, ends now. All I have to do is hit PUBLISH. Once I hit it, it’s out there, for all to see.

Thinking of Taco Bell in Middletown. How I will miss thee.

Maybe one more meal of Meximelt, Taco Supreme, and Soft Taco before I publish this? Kind of like a last meal type of thing? One last celebration together? Notice I capitalized those food products? See how important those food items are to me? They’re like friends. Ok I am hitting it now. Here goes nothing….just one more Taco Supreme…see how hard this is? Ready?


16 Comments on “Why I am fat Weight: 260 lbs.”

  1. Lyn says:

    No more last meals L( That’s my motto!

    You can do it. Which guy is you in the picture? The one on the far right with the beard is hot.


  2. bluesuit12 says:

    Good for you! There’s a guy on my blogroll (Adam Riggins) that did some weight challenge online. I think he called it the Ragamuffin challenge or something like that. Anyway, he posted his progress and pics and you could definitely see a difference. So kudos to you!


    • oshea12566 says:

      I will have to check out Adam’s blog! I am not so sure about pics. Do not want anyone to vomit on their keyboard. Keep checking in on me!


  3. Jay says:

    Okay, okay, you earned a comment. YOU GO BOY!!!

    I think you almost brought a tear to my eye. No really. I just love it when a nice guy such as yourself wants to take up a challenge like this.

    I always thought that a great way to quit or change something is to replace it with something better and more fun. What do you like to do fitness-wise?


    • oshea12566 says:

      That is a good question. I do not know what I like to do fitness-wise, which is part of the problem I suppose. I know I like to hike (thanks for the waterfall location by the way). Be really cool if I could work on a farm and have the weight come off. You know work hard all day and not even know you are excersing. Kind of like it did when I went to bootcamp, before the paperwork was completed I lost 50 pounds!
      For now, it is the Wii Fit. My wife bought me Gold’s Gym Boxing Fitness which I really do like and have been using it almost everyday. I am open to any and all suggestions!


  4. Eugene says:

    Good luck Brian. I know you can do it. Wii Fit and Gold Gym boxing is a good start. Sucks the weather is getting cold, the hiking will have to wait til spring huh?


  5. Mom says:

    Glad to hear You decided to lose the weght. It is hard, but you can do it. Stick with the Gold’s Boxing gym for now, since you like it. Then , later, you can add something else. Just keep thinking about dancing with Madaghan at her wedding when things get tuff.

    Love, you,


  6. Will says:

    YOU THE MAN! Seriously. You’re a good person and you have the support here. Even if it is Idaho.


  7. Woody says:

    Good for you! I tried this too… for a week.


  8. Jeanmarie says:

    You got my support. You will do it!

    Chewing gum helps pass some of the cravings in the beginning and the anxiousness of wanting ot eat. then eventually you won’t need the gum chewing anymore.

    Definitely try not to eat past 10pm at night. I read somewhere that you gain double the weight.

    I like the watch what you eat, all in moderation with fun exercise policy.

    you may not be able to stop coffee cold turkey. I know many people that have gotten terrible headaches when stopping the coffee (caffine). you may need to wean yourself from it. reduce the number of cups per day, cut out that late afternoon cup and replace it with tea, then eventaully to half caff half decaf… then to decaf. no light and sweet coffee either. maybe a flavored coffee and start reducing the number of sugars and cream. again weaning yourself.

    i think the first few weeks or month will be the toughest but once you get over that hurdle, it will be easier.

    just keep thinking you want to catch your little girl and know you are the big dog of the house, not because you are big, but because you can catch her and she can’t outrun you.

    Go BRIAN GO!!!!!


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