VW Repairs

My 2004 VW Jetta has 189,000 miles on it.  Today marks the first day that I had to bring the car in for mechanical repairs. Not bad, not bad at all. A few weeks ago, the car started making a strange humming noise at highway speeds. I thought it might be the exhaust, axle or (oh shit) the transmission.




That is alot of miles!

Yes, yes it is Captain Obvious. Good thing for me my commute is all highway miles.

I brought the car to see Charlie at Walker Valley Auto (845) 744-6441. Readers of my blog will remember a post where Walker Valley Auto features prominently.  He took it for a test drive and told me the berrings on the front tires need to be replace, as well as the O2 sensor in the catalytic converter. I was secretly hoping the bill would be over 1500 so Laurie would just tell me to forget the repairs, just go get a new car. The total came to 734.

Now, the car sounds great, dare I say even quiet. (Damn it)


A good bartender always listens....

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