Bar Build 028: And the winner is….

I bet you all thought I forgot about the Bar Floor Poll did’nt you? I did not.

  • Stained Concrete    5
  • Cobble Stone            2
  • Wood                           1
  • Brick                            1
  • Slate                             1
  • Tile                               1

11 votes total. Thanks to all of you that voted (and I know who you are) your input is helpful.

We are going with the woodfloor.




That only recieved one vote!

Very good Capt. Obvious. How nice of you to point out the …um..obvious. So why are we going with a wood floor?

Originally, we thought that a subfloor would have to go down, effectively raising the floor an inch closer to the ceiling. That would also throw off the height of the wood pellet chimney, the bar itself  and bar stools. Picture me trimming the legs of bar stools so they would be the right height. A little research later and a few calls to wood floor supplier and we found out a couple of things:

  1. Moisture is a problem with basement floors. Our bar is technicly not a basement bar. It is still above grade. Because of this, no subfloor is needed. 
  2. We can glue the floor right to the cement! Do not even have to nail the floor down!
  3. The design we want (wide plank, rustic, knotty) is not expensive!
  4. Engineered wood floor is capable of laughing off spilled beer and broken glass. After each spilled beer, it asks:” Is that all you got?”
  5. Bar stools and wood floor get along well. The tile/slate/cobblestone would have been murder on the stools. Imagine sitting in the stool, than trying to push it back to get up. Stools slide much more better on wood floor. (Thanks Jeanmarie!!)
  6. Easier to clean. Quick sweep, quick mop than done. Cleaning grout lines sucks. Imagine grout lines with spilled beer in them.
  7. Engineered wood floor is strong like bull.

So there you have it. Wood floor it be yo.  Thanks again to all who voted!



One Comment on “Bar Build 028: And the winner is….”

  1. Jeanmarie says:

    de nada Bro!

    I like wood floor – even tho it wasn’t my vote, but that was my preferred.


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